awesome, thanks

So amazing photos man did you use a drone? i mean the shots were taking from a high point. Regards

I took at the top of the mountain so no drone was used. Thanks for support

my dear @ernestfung sir

the photography that you shared here is greatly amazing ,,thanks for sharing this special one,sir

thanks my friend

Great photography @ernestfung


I love this one too!

Woww beautiful photography
Nature looking outstandingshutterstock_147941165-1000x400.jpg

Nature is good!

wow,,this is very nice place and great photography

your support is so kind and encouraging

wow amazing picture .. the camera capture the whole beauty of Zhangjiajie.. you are just awesome sir
waiting for your new post sir
Have a nice day28719729_10155573068334353_8342784912314597376_n.gif

seems you like Zhangjiajie as well. thanks

Zhangjiajie , Wanna visit there , fri

you should visit thats beautiful

Well they sure are and they probably holds many history along the way !



your support is the drive to me!

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