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RE: UNESCO, sliced up corpses and mountains of food: Melaka, Malaysia

in #travel5 years ago

As always a total delight, you made me want to go out there and moan at the food as well... I'm already well renown for that but this food looked simply amazing. Lucky you!

Thanks a lot for the, history, education and, especially, your last note on education. This is a powerful quote I totally relate to and try to share with as many as I can.

Crazy synchronicity, I was just talking about the "Body World Exhibition" this afternoon with friends of mine in Quebec City!

Safe travels! Keep on smiling, Steeming and, above all, thriving!

Namaste :) (((HUG)))


Hi Eric! Thanks for your reply as always :) such a coincidence indeed, it's the weirdest exposition but very fascinating indeed. Well, whenever I'll be visiting your country we should organize a foodie marathon then haha, totally looking forward to that already!

Well, we have the very best Greek restaurant, "Asteras Greek Taverna", I have ever tried, even compared to the ones I went to in Greece! Looking forward to your passage in the area. Safe travels, keep your smile and thrive on.

Here's the link to the restaurant:

Namaste :)

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