A Cure to Jetlag in Taiwan

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Between New York to Taiwan there is exactly a 12 hour time difference, and without iron resolve it's hard for me to adjust the first few days without feeling like taking a nap every three hours.

However, I found a great remedy for at least part of this transition! They say Taiwan is all about the food, but a lesser known gem is the experience of getting a hair cut! Yes, you heard that right-- going to a hair salon can make you look snappy while allowing you to feel rejuvenated afterwards. In general, haircuts in Taiwan can range from the ultra cheap and ultra fast 3$ (yes, you read that right, ~3 USD) haircut to a more full service: wash, cut, wash, dry. If you want the kind that will make you purr like a kitten, of course it will be the latter, but still at an affordable price. I want to share my experience at a particular salon: the AF Hair Salon, which I think went beyond my expectations.



The picture is from Facebook, and I should have taken one with day lighting, which looks very nice.

When you walk in, they serve you a nice cup of coffee. The mugs were pretty cool too, and I want to find one like it.


Next was the hair wash. This was the moment where all my thoughts melted into a sweet, silky bliss. The warmth of the water and the foaminess of the shampoo bubble into the scalp. Any pressures of the head were fizzled out in the scalp massage. I lost track of time...

At the end, a heated wet towel was wrapped around the neck and around the head, which just felt amazing. Melting.... Headaches all gone, bringing me to the present time zone.

Well that's really all I wanted to emphasize, but I was quite happy with the haircut too!


But, yes.... That was the best jet lagged hour I've ever spent!

Translated to American money that was about 33$. Can do just the hair wash for 10$, though. Very worth it.

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