America + Canon = Photostory to share (part 7 – San Francisco)

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And finally, we reached the last city on our American roadtrip. We knew about the Golden Gate bridge. We knew about the famous cable car. And we knew that Full House is filmed there. Oh, and the fog of course. But as far as us concerns, the fog is a myth. We didn't experience it at all! But we did find out about some other things.

First thing we learned is that you don't go straight in San Francisco. It's either up or down. But not in a normal way. Those hills are almost completely vertical. First time driving a car over there was like on a rollercoaster. It's still a mistery to me how can people park their cars overthere.

But it's not just up and down, it's also left and right. It was a news to us that San Francisco has the most crooked street in world – famous Lombard street. Yes. Still on a rollercoaster.

Fisherman's Wharf will easily become one of your favorite places in the city. Beautiful scenic views, a lot of places to sit and relax, street artists, souvenirs and people who are just enjoying their time. We were lucky, because at the time we were there, there was a fleet week. And although at moments too loud it was a fun thing to watch and experience.

A big part of the day you have to reserve for the Golden Gate Bridge. We surrounded it from all the sides and it's really stunningto look at it. The bridge is telling its own story.

All the wine lovers take your time to visit Nappa Valley. You'll see some wonderful views and taste some amazing wines. It was definitely a day well spent.

My favorite part of San Francisco is the hippie street which leads to the equally fascinating Golden Gate Park. This part of the town has a soul. A vintage, heart-whelming soul. The street, the stores, the people, the love. If I go back to that city, this will be the first thing I'll visit.

In the Golden Gate Park there is one special place which deserves to be mentioned – Japanese Tea Garden. The place will captivate you. If you want to enjoy it extra, here's a small tip: order green tea cheesecake. I promise you won't be sorry.

I'll end the post with few random photos of the city or details and landscapes I've found along the way. Those photos will have the last word about the city.

Thank you for reading my photostory. Since I'm a wanderer, I'm sure there will more of them in the future.

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What type of Canon do you use? Some really good looking pictures, really enjoyed it!


I'm glad you like them! I'm using Canon rebel t5i lens 18-135mm.