America + Canon = Photostory to share (part 6 – Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend)

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As the title says, after nice California beaches it was time for some natural wonders in Arizona. For this part I don't have much to say. A lot of nothing. A lot of road. A lot of beauty. No words can describe these few days, so I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking.

Driving the Route 66, was a unique experience. You usually read about it, look at it in the movies, but now you're here. Surreal. And eventually the road takes you to Grand Canyon. Which wasn't as we expected it to be. Rain, wind, 15 Celsius degrees and we planned to camp in the Mather campground. The rain stopped, we managed to see the sunset, bought some beer and marshmallows and everything was ready for the best night on our trip. 10 of us in 2 tents and 2 cars in the middle of Grand Canyon under the stars. We were even enthusiastic enough to wake up at 5:30am and watch the sunrise. Who knows when is the next we'll have a chance to do that. The day after we drove and walked along the GC and the view and scenery were just mesmerizing. This is the part where photos do the talking.

When we were so close to Antelope Canyon it was impossible to skip it. So, spontaneously we started driving towards Page, a small city in Arizona. The road was amazing for driving - hours and hours of nothing but beautiful nature, one rainbow and some Navajo Indians.

After hardly finding a cheap and free place to stay in Page the next day was reserved for Antelope Canyon. We expected a lot and we got even more. Even though there is a huuuge amount of tourists and all the groups and guides are booked days before, being inside the Canyon feels like you're not on planet Earth anymore, but somewhere far, far away.

And last but not least on this small Arizona adventure is the famous Horseshoe Bend. A place where you can just sit and admire for minutes, hours, days...

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did taking them. Until the last part!

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A wonderful trip! I also love to relax in the tent!

The photos are breathtaking!