Sunday's Are for Wine- Unwinding...

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This Kind of Nights/ Weekends!

To know meme is to know I completely and admittedly love my wine. And nothing makes a great accompaniment than one of your greatest snack! I don't even know how to explain to you guys what Kenyan Chevdas are, but I can tell you they are addictive!


It's been such a great afternoon! Now to unwind and reflect on my life choices, or my imaginary future husband. I can build all castles in the air on this one lol.. The wine certainly seems to help!

What's you favorite go to unwinding drink? Accompaniment?

We are mostly all a wine kind of family. . I can't tell you how many of these we drained in the last holiday really.I mean we're not alcoholics or anything, we just love to have a great time :D And I most definitely lead that pack.


Sometimes a Cake Doesn't Hurt Either.I'm really not into pastries but my cousin is. We are Certainly Having a Blast!

How's Your Weekend Been?


We May Have Started a little Earlier on FYI lol


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Haha @elsiekjay, what a great way to go. We all need to unwind, debrief, laugh, enjoy a wine and eat some yummy food.


It was epic! I could do this everyday😅😁