It's Less Crowded at the Top!

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Oh Hi There :)

Welcome to Wednesday!

You probably thought this is going to be a motivation post didn't? Probably not... I just actually wanted to share with you some aerial views of Nairobi,Kenya. It's literally less crowded at the top isn't it?


I have seen a lot of people throw that around as a way to highlight their success, but I was thinking of it on a more literal manner. This are some of my fave photos of the city. When things are taken from up, it's hard to believe how peaceful they can seem. This city is anything but calm. Probably one of the busiest cities in the world I'd say, but I couldn't bet on that, just my imagination.

It actually doesn't look as green on the ground as it does from up here. Hard to believe this is one and the same streets I walk though. Beautiful though right?

Do you have any aerial view of your town/city you constantly like to look at? I think these are some of my faves. Feel free to share with me down below. I'd love to see where you come from. That is just the beauty of photography isn't it?

Not quite sure what comes to your mind when you hear of Nairobi or Kenya, but hopefully this helps you to have some sort of an informed perception. It is really a beautiful city and should you be lucky enough to visit, don't be shy to explore.

To enjoy this fantastic views, it will only set you back $7 at the KICC Building. Maybe you should keep that in mind just incase you ever get the opportunity to pay us a visit. Other than that, hope everyone's having a great time out there.

It's almost HardFork Time!


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This is beautiful..When I visited kenya, I never got the opportunity to visit places like this, hopefully I will next time I visit..cheers

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