I Can't Wait to Afford to Travel Again...😥😭

in travel •  2 months ago 


There's no worse feeling than when you truly, badly want to do something but you are unable to because you are financially constrained.

Personally, traveling is part of what I want to do the most and create content while at it. Clearly that has been kind of a downfall lately and it's such a bad feeling!

I don't know about you guys, but should the price of Steem act right in the near future, I think the first thing I'll do is take a solo trip. After all, I'd have earned it right?

Hopefully it's Still not too late to travel as much as I want.


When I look at this photos I took a while back, I think of all the excitemt I had on this trip. Exploring, experimenting with photography, great moments with family, it was totally worth it.


Do you have that one thing you badly want to do but are financially restricted for now? Do you have days when you wake up frustrated when you think about how you cannot do it as much as you want? Because I certainly have plenty of those.

I have my fingers & toes crossed for this bear run to give us a break. Maybe then Ican plan for that SF travel to BKK? That would be such a great and rewarding break! Couldn't think of a better travel break than SF!

Anyways guys, have yourselves a great start in to the new week 😊

Cheers to Monday!! XO

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