#Travel Diary 17 - The Hidden Treasure of Tunisia : Bizerte

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Hi Steemit family,

This time I would like to take you to the cute city of Tunisia which is Bizerte. My close friend invited me to her wedding in Bizerte. So I found chance to discover Tunisia by this beautiful reason.. If the matter is exploring a place in the world, I am always ready no matter where it is :) During my 5 days stay, I had great fun in Bizerte. I would like to give you some information about Bizerte. It is a small coastal city 60 km north of Tunis. It has been a strategic port for states that want to dominate the Mediterranean throughout history.Once you go out from the airport in Tunis, you will find busses going to Bizerte per hour. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach.

The city, founded by the Phoenicians, was called Hippo. Agathocles, the king ofbeingus, built a port in the region in 300 BC. Later, he was captured by the Romans, named Hippo Diarryhtus (Hippo on Water). After entering Arab domination in the 17th century, it became known as Ben Zarta. In 1881, it was occupied by the French. During the Second World War, during the German rule, it was the scene of Allied bombing. In May 1943, the Allies took over. Tunisia won its independence in 1956, but the French did not evacuate the naval base until 1963.

The first adress you should go in this city is the region Kasbah where the castle and Old (Vieux) Port. The castle walls were built as a Byzantine fortress dating back to the 6th century, but the building you see today was built in the 17th century under Ottoman Empire rule. The castle walls are open to the public. If you climb up the hill, you can see the city view. However, I did not prefer to climb to the castle. The end of walls are opening to Old Port.

Bizerte's Old (Vieux) Port, which is full of colorful fishing boats, is connected by a canal to the large port (Avant-Port). The port here was an important part of Bizerte's economy for centuries, and the town became a naval base under the French Council for Protection in 1881. Today, the outer port continues to be one of the main harbors of Tunisia, but this beautiful old harbor is a separate world where local fishermen use only daily fishing. There are cafes and restaurants by each sides. It is one of the most crowded place in the city especially in the weekends. You can see the people sitting by groups and enjoy their shisha and tea. But unfortunately the buildings are so destroyed during the war.

The next stop is the old residental district within the castle called Old Town (Medina). This is a fantastic place with its narrow streets and blue-white houses. In this labyrinth there are workshops of metal workers and carpenters, butchers and grocery stores. The streets are called by the names of the craftsmen who live and work there.

This area is located on the seaside of the city where the state offices of Bizerte are located, and people prefer this side to go for a walk in the fresh air. When you look across, you can see the Bizerte Bridge.

We can not end without mentioning the coasts of Bizerte. The coastal road of the city is called the Cornice. Here you can find hotels, restaurants, elegant villas. Although not known as Bizerte, Sousse and Djerba as a seaside resort, many tourists are beginning to discover the charm of the city's mile-long white sandy beaches. But if you're looking for a less constructed sandy place like me, go south and enjoy this view.

I came to end of my journey. I hope you enjoy my trip. I would like to hear your opinions. I appreciate your support. See you on another trip. Have a nice day.

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