Historic Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan! - Haunted Heritage Hotel

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The Roosevelt Hotel , previously called Rand Dame of Madison Avenue was named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. Hotel was opened on September 22, 1924. The hotel was closed in 1995 until 1996 because of extensive renovation, which cost $65 million (equivalent to ~ $77 million in 2018). The Roosevelt Hotel is located in the heart of Manhattan and very close to numerous historic and touristic sites, such as Grand Central Terminal, Broadway Theater District and Museum of Modern Art. Hotel was a place of many political notable events and still is being used by many organizations to host various big events. Also, it is a place of many famous American movies.

While I do recommend to check out this hotel because of the pretty décor and rich history, I do not recommend to stay here because of outdated rooms and not always the best service. Also, people say it is haunted.

Here I am inside the hotel..


Very beautiful décor!



Outside of hotel.

pic source

Some cool historical facts about the hotel:

The Roosevelt Hotel was the first to incorporate store fronts instead of lounges in its sidewalk facades due to the Prohibition era.

The Roosevelt Hotel used to be linked with Grand Central Terminal by way of an underground passage that connected the hotel to the train terminal.

The Roosevelt housed the first guest pet facility and child care service in The Teddy Bear Room and had the first in-house doctor.

Conrad Hilton purchased the Roosevelt in 1943 and he chose the Roosevelt's Presidential Suite as his home. It was his favorite hotel.

The Roosevelt hotel in 1947 became the first hotel to have a television set in every room.


Also, at the hotel they have cute little rooftop bar called Mad 46, which is located on a 19th floor.

pic source


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How much for a room$

we paid around $300-350 per night, but as I mentioned in the post, I do not recommend this place for staying overnight.

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Nice travel blog. the hotel looks classy

Excellent post friend! Visit my post, a beautiful place that I shared with the Steemit community. If you like it, vote! regards


Thanks for this post. You can find me on level 19th, fancy chill area the way I like it :)

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looks really great ,and you look amazing have a great time.

Really beautiful @ella-kay but it's kinda disturbing since you don't recommend any one to stay overnight 😥

Wow it really is a pretty hotel and the decor is stunning. Can you imagine how many people have walked around there over the decades, no wonder they say it's haunted.

some people died there like at many old hotels - I guess thats why they say it is haunted.

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Where is this located? not sure if i read blog fast of there is no location information is mentioned

It says in Manhattan :)

Thank you for sharing! Great location!

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