Clearing your scuba mask when your under the ocean!

in #travel4 years ago

You are in open water and your mask has water, what to do?

Deep under water and all of a sudden you're unable to see.

You are struggling to clear this water out of your mask right? 

First don't panic. 

Hold the top of the mask frame firmly against your forehead, 

and look up to keep the water out of your nose.

Take a deep breath from the regulator and slowly blow out the water.

Easy as that, enjoy your dive.  Oh ya!

Into the water with @elijahgentry


a lot of people ask me to do scuba diving but to scared in the deep water :(

My mask fills with water many times when I'm on a dive. grrrr

Just get a tighter fit.


They come to clean the mask :)

Lol, thats a good one!

interesting post ...
I got insight and knowledge..

Way too scared to even attempt this.. so bro.. Big UPS!!!.. Amazing if ya ask me, as far as the mask moment... i would panic no matter what direction you would give will stay tuned in to see ya next adventures....Thanks.. safe Travels...H

Thanks alot Bro! much apreciated You a brave soul. i got to see more pics. Have you ever seen a shark?

good job @elijahgentry , amazing .

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I would like to be scuba diving right now!

short and sweet... a way to save a life... Oh ya! Don't get wet!!

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Wow.... I'm so impressed, that sounds supper difficult. My hat is off to you... Nice post

Nice post. This is one of the basic skills a scuba diver must complete in order to get certification. When a mask is filling up with water, you must make each strap on the side of the mask a little tighter. Not too tight or you will experience too much pressure inside the mask and you can pop blood vessels close to the skin. It happened to my brother once, and he looked rather scary.

Dive now, work later
Diving is so relaxing, no fear.
During the open water course you will learn everything

i would like to experience that sometime..

Oh wow! That sounds scary! Must be difficult to remain calm. But thank you so much for your advice. That is really good to know since I want to try diving one day.

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