Inspirational pictures for artist (No.38 _An awesome sunset from Santorini)

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Hello, my friends, today I decided to post a photo that I believe it's by its self a unique piece of art. The subject is about an awesome sunset from Santorini.
Can you imagine your self waking up in the morning an enjoying this lovely sunset?
The view is breathtaking and revitalizes mind and spirit. I strong believe is also inspirational because it creates unique emotions and feelings that strengthen a creative spirit.
I hope you will like my choice to wish you a wonderful day.
Photo was taken from:

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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awesome!! sir beautiful sunset shines in the water. cloud in sky. good steep shot. i up vote it.

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Great photo. Very stunning view of the warm dramatic sky colors with the unsettling and beautiful architecture.

Thank you @katinamc, Santorini is an awesome destination!!!