My Airstream has finally made it home!

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This Beauty is Back! It had been in storage for a year. I finally got a professional to bring it the 12 hrs from the coast to our mountain town. So excited to finish it and use it again!

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Whoa, cool! Nice, bro.... will you loan or rent it out once it's finished up, and when you aren't in it? It must be so useful in that part of the country... plenty of opportunity to get use out of it. I like the <3s :)

Ya man! It was in Chilliwack for 1 year and 7 months. Gonna clean Huachuma up and finish it! We are definitely considering using it for income as well. The idea pot is always brewing!

Wow, I was homeless just around the corner from that thing, but with money in my pocket (just nobody to take it) for six months during that period! I assume it wouldn't have worked out for some reason even if we'd known each other then, or at least I'll tell myself that.... doh...
How did that brick/wood centerpiece turn out for you?

She's a beaut 😗

@drutter crazy eh! ya it isnt quite finished to live in full time. the chimney surround worked out awesome so far!