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For many persons to travel from one country to another, they need to get a visa and most times, they will have to be present at an embassy and answer some questions from the counselor.

For citizens of EU, United states, Canada, Australian and other developed countries, getting a visa is no problem. Many countries are visa free for them an almost all embassies respect their passport.

But for citizens of developing nations, they will tell you a different story. For many in Nigeria, getting a visa is a big problem. Even when you meet all the requirement, your visa may be denied and your visa fees is gone.

These are seven serious mistake you should avoid during visa interview. Avoiding this mistake will not automatically grant you a visa, but they will increase your chances.

Avoid Getting Nervous: Travelling is not a do or die affair. Relax and be friendly to the counselor but not too friendly.

Avoid Telling Lies: The last thing you want to do is to lie to the counselor. Make sure very thing you are telling him or her is the truth, if he suspect any lies from you, your visa will be denied.

Don't Talk: Be brief and to point.

Fill your visa form correctly: Don't skip any question.

Never provide a fake document: It is wrong to provide a false document at the embassy. Make sure all your documents are genuine

Don't try to Avoid any question. Answer all questions from the counselor

Never argue with the counselor.

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Interesting! I never knew people had to get interviewed individually!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Please appreciate the country you were born. Getting a visa is a joyous thing in developing countries. Some persons celebrate with their family and friend when they get visa to the US or Europe. The whole earth is one until politic divides us and separate us from each other.

I recognized what you say many many years ago. I am very happy not to have too many problems when traveling!

Believe me that getting a US visa, other than a B1/B2 (tourism&business) is frustrating regardless of your country of origin. They have no respect for privacy at all.

Yes, that is right! Had the same experience.

Welcome @eadiatu. I hope you enjoy here as much as I do! Nice post, I will follow your account, please follow me at @rohitrajput and give a upvote to this comment.

Thanks. I have followed you and upvote your comment.