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RE: Guatemala - Jungles, waterfalls & volcanoes

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Dude it was bad enough seeing your posts the first time around and now i gotta relive the FOMO pain in Steemit too lol.
Amazing photos and they're encouraging me to reread your adventures and perhaps even inspiring enough to write a proper blog about the adventures of Jenna and Dylan.
Love Steem man. What a community!


Haha thanks mate, I had no idea you were on here too. Will be having a read through your stuff today if I get a chance. I’m keen to get more into it, wish I had found steemit earlier.

Yea I’ve been asked by many people recently (both friends and strangers) for tips, information and even itineraries on each of the countries I visited on this trip so I realised it could be valuable or interesting content for the public too. Plus I’ve got so many more good photos I can post too. Haha you should definitely get some Jenna and Dylan adventures up! I’ve got some other ideas that are unrelated to travel that are more technical that I want to post too I just need to find the time.

When you find some time let me know and i will buy some. I am running on 25hrs a day schedule. Its crazy.
Steem dollars come at me

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