Cuba is beautiful

in travel •  2 years ago

The carribean island of Cuba is 1,250 km (780 mi) long! The capital city, Havana, is rich in history and culture. The 16th century Spanish architecture is beautiful. There is also alot of tourism and I felt very safe at all times.

Here are some pictures I took earlier this year.

Sunrise over Havana

Architecture in Havana.

A typical menu. I didn't try the "beef old clothes".


The crystal clear waters and empty beaches east of Havana perfect for snorkeling.

Imagine a major city where all the cars are 60-70 years old. Cool to ride in and see, but a bit smokey.

Fusterlandia in Jaimanitas. A true mosaic beauty. Over 80 houses in the town have been Fusterized!

Of course one of the best parts about Cuba is their increadible tradition of music. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos, just video.

I recommend everyone make a trip to Cuba, for a truly unique travel experience.

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Wow!!!! This is amazing!!! Im am new to art and photography but love it. I am going to do some shoots on Cocoa Beach and now maybe even Cuba. Im following you!!! Follow me and check out some of my shots!!! <3 Jasmine


Visit Cuba. You are so close there in Florida!

You want to take a photo


Not always, sometimes I just enjoy the experience. Everyone is a photographer these days!

I went to La Havanna three months ago, I stayed for 6 days (I felt it was too much just there) but I loved it.

I had dinner in an abandoned building with fancy waiters and all, it was impressive.

How did you like El Malecon? Did you walk it?

Also, the food was cheap as hell! Whenever we ate in local "comedores" the food was less than one CUC :D

Great pictures fellow traveler.


Yea I walked on Malecon. A lot of kids hanging out at night. I found the food was expensive in a lot of places, they knew it was tourists. An average meal would cost $10 CUC. Of course if you can find the local establishments it has to be cheaper because some people are living off a salary of less than $100 CUC per month!

Thanks for sharing your experience too.