Nun Hua Temple, Bronkorspruit

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Pictures of my visit to Nun Hua in South Africa.

(Komainu - Outside Buddhist temples to ward off evil spirits)

Nan Hua is the name of the South African branch for the Humanistic Buddhist order, Fo Guang Shan, who has made it their mission to spread Humanistic Buddhism to all the continents on Earth. Nan Hua acts as the central religious and administrative office for all Fo Guang Shan branches in Africa.


Nan Hua operates on donations made towards the spreading of Buddhist principles in South Africa and the drive to ease the suffering of people and promote a peaceful, moral life. This donation drive is called Dana, or generosity, and is intrinsic to the 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition.

(The peacock is a symbol of protection, prosperity, integrity and beauty, and its feathers have been used in numerous cultures for healing purposes)

Since the time of the Buddha, the teachings (Dharma) was considered priceless and therefore given away freely. In keeping with this spirit, the monks and nuns, as well as the visiting facilitators at the Temple do not receive any payment for leading retreats even though they give generously of their time, energy and understanding. The Temple's retreat tariff is set to cover running expenses without profit.

(Exquisite carvings in a Mammoths tusk!!!!!!)

(A closer image of the carvings in a Mammoth tusk)

Buddhist teachings share experiences of peace and giving, two things we could use a lot more of in this world.


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