British Airways Joins the Budget Airlines in Locking Seats. Should It Stop There?

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There are two kinds of passengers on airplanes: the people who recline their seats and those sitting behind them. As a tall person, my legroom vanishes when the passenger in front of me reclines. I usually kick the seat until it rocks and hopefully they get the message that they’ve just eliminated about 67% of my personal space. If my kids are with me, I’ll pay them to jump around, scream, and throw food so the person can’t get a decent nap and gives up.

Just kidding. I’m not a jerk so I don’t do those things. But it is a personal peeve of mine when people don’t think about others around them. I understand the need to get some relaxation and rest on a long and uncomfortable flight, but take a look behind you and even ask if it’s okay to recline first. If someone asks me, I’ll tell them a partial recline is just fine, but the full recline puts them directly in my lap.

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British Airways Locks Its Seats

Needless to say, I am a big fan of British Airways’ recent announcement that they’ll be locking seats in place on some of their airplanes. They’ll fix the seat position in “mid recline”, which is considered a comfortable spot that does not take up much additional space.

Flickr Caribb.jpg
Legroom on an airplane. Source: Creative Commons via Flickr by Caribb.

In fact, a big motivation for this change is to enable the airline to pack in more seats. If your business is flying tin cans through the air and trying to earn as much per flight as possible, the game is to pack in as many fare-paying passengers as you can without making them angry.

Recliners may be upset they can’t recline, but if the seats are fixed, they’ll ignore the issue soon enough. Meanwhile, people like me are happy. And the airline might squeeze the galley by a few inches (because no one likes their food anyway) and jam in another row of seats – cha-ching!

British Airways is a trendsetter and I hope this catches on with its competitors. Of course, locked seats are not a BA invention. The idea comes from budget carriers, who have been doing this for years to boost the number of sardines they can pack in their flying tin cans.

Sardines. Image from New York Daily News.

What Other Good Ideas do Budget Airlines Have?

But why stop there, British Airways? There are some amazing ideas being piloted and proven by budget carriers. While you are adopting one of their innovations, why not consider their other bright ideas as well?

Let’s look at Frontier Airlines (“Low Fares Done Right”), which operates flights to and from many North American cities. Since I took one of their flights a few months ago, I seem to be on the e-mail list.

This week, I got an e-mail advertising $24 flights. Intrigued, I clicked the link and input my closest airport (which actually is not that close to me, but it’s the only place nearby that Frontier serves). From there, there was one $24 flight: to Las Vegas.

Vegas? Call the babysitter and pack our bags, honey! Wait, was this too good to be true?

I clicked on the button to begin the booking process, just to see if the $24 was for real. No surprise: It wasn’t. There’s always a catch.


And with Frontier Airlines, there must be at least six catches. British Airways and other big carriers, are you listening? I’m about to share with you the industry’s best innovations. This intelligence was not easy to obtain.

Budget Airline Innovations

Innovation # 1: The $24 price was only available for the next two months. That’s reasonable and I had expected it. This is the off-season.

Innovation # 2: The fine print says this fare is available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Noted.

Innovation # 3: To get the deal, you have to join Frontier Airlines’ deals club. It’s not a free frequent flier program; it’s a deals club. Cost: $49.99/year. I’d skip that unless I flew this airline frequently and knew I could spread out that cost over more flights.


For just this one flight, without paying the club membership, the single ticket price just increased from the unobtainable $24 to $34. $34 now.

Innovation # 4: And that’s the one-way price. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but if you want to get home, you have to book another flight and pay for that one also. Cost: another $48.

Hey, British Airways, these people are brilliant. Pay close attention. They told me it was $24 and they’ve already got me on the hook for $82. But it’s Vegas, baby! Do you think they take extra advantage of people who are eager to go lose their money gambling?

So, $82. But that’s not the full story. Once you input your information and book the ticket, you have an opportunity to select your seats on the plane. (And I must include the disclaimer that I did not proceed with the Vegas booking -- I don’t really want to go there anyway). The rest of this intelligence is based upon the last Frontier flight I took, a couple of months ago, to another city in the western United States, and I assume the cost structure is similar now.

Innovation # 5: It costs another $6-$25 to select your seat, depending on when and where you book it. The last time I flew Frontier, there were four of us flying and the cheap seats were gone. Want to take your chances? Don’t pick any seats and try your luck at the airport. Got kids and a significant other? You might want to sit together. If so, you’d better book the seats.

It’s highway robbery; I think we ended up paying $8 per seat last time to select the seats. $8 x 4 people for that flight. And that’s one way. You need to select your seats for the return trip also, so double that price.


Innovation # 6: It costs money to bring bags. Yes, that’s not unusual, even for the larger airlines. They charge a fee for checked luggage these days. So if you’re going for a short weekend trip, you pack light and take only a carry-on bag, right?

Wrong! Frontier charges you for carry-ons also! The current price is $45-60 for carry-on bags, the lower price being available if you pay the charge from home in advance, but you pay more at the airport. For checked luggage, it’s $30-60. So if you think you’re saving money by packing light and bringing a carry-on, think again. Checked luggage can be more expensive.

Screenshots from

So let’s go with $82 for the round-trip ticket to Las Vegas, plus $12 for selecting your seats on both flights, plus $30 for a carry-on bag. And that’s if you plan ahead and pay from home in advance.

Final price tag and it may not include taxes: $124. What happened to $24? It increased by $100!!!

Lessons Learned

The first time I tried to book a flight on Frontier, I was so upset at all the fees that I gave up and closed the browser window. They almost screened me out. Later, Frontier had the only appropriate departure time for my trip, so I had to go back and choose it. But not only did they nickel and dime me on the fees at every step.


They also ran a very lean operation on the flight itself. As a budget carrier, forget any meals or snacks. I’m sure you’ve seen people paying for alcohol on planes before? On budget carriers, you also to pay for orange juice or cola also (and those are nearly the only choices). They seemed flustered when I asked for water and someone had to walk to the front of the plane to find me some.

Pay attention, British Airways and other big carriers. These budget guys and gals have it all figured out. The ones in other parts of the world (notably in Europe with its long experience with budget flights) are even more advanced than good ol’ Frontier. If you really want to make money transporting people, you pack them into your tin can, you make a stop at every town resembling an airport along the way, and you charge them for everything. More importantly, you tire them out with the process so the only people on your planes are very accepting and compliant folks. You’ve already assured that the angry and disagreeable people are on your competitors’ flights.

Consider charging your passengers to use the restroom also. Gotta go? Get out your platinum card. Too bad someone locked the seats; people would have paid to recline also.

Image source:


Top image: Public domain from Pixabay.

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I loved Budget Airlines as it is cheap and do not need a lot of money. But there are many weakness which may causes us loss. So I do not like it now.

I dont think so.

This was so funny. I laughed all through reading, especially the frontier $24 offer. I could guess it will have hidden charges, but did not figure it would be up to $100.
They would have made it easy by given the full fare charge and save one the trouble of going through every of those steps. And be left with the choice if you want it or not.
Anyway, i can try to understand as they are applying market strategy to get you hooked.
Interesting post to read.

Spirit Airlines is another low-fare rip-off. All that's missing is the credit card reader on the outside of the bathroom door.


Thats indeed awesome.
Lets upvote men, steem for life...

Yes, it would have been easier just to provide the actual cost. Since you're an expert in aviation, I take your opinion seriously! Thanks for the comment.

Thank you. The economy suituation also contributes to the hidden charges. Airlines are having a difficult time making good profit. But that is no justification, as it is not pleasant to a customer to go through all that.

I'm willing to wager that if there was an airline that had "normal" seats with a lot of space, a "good" in flight meal, with friendly staff, and as little hidden nickel and dime charges as possible, it could do really well for itself by word of mouth alone, even if the advertised price as much as double. (What do I know though, it didn't work particularly well for JC Penneys)

People shit all over airlines, all the time. I've only flown a handful of times, but it was the worst transit experiences of my life, I enjoyed the greyhound bus more, and the greyhound was a third the price.

Hahahhahahhah, funny but actually there was no other option, that was why you went back
I've been such position before in which the options you have is yes or yes

The most hilarious part was the carry-on bag charge. I've never flown cheap flights such as Frontier or RyanAir, and after reading such lovely stories, I refuse to waste my money and efforts on these solutions.

Ryanair are an Irish budget airline and to be fair to them they run a very good service. The price is real without catches which suits people travelling simply but anything else is extra. I have often traveled into Europe with them for less than €20 just taking hand luggage and never had an issue.

On the other issue just having a bit of consideration for other people in general will take you a long way in life. Just try not to be a dickhead in general and people will respond in kind.

Ryanair is a very good one. Good custormer service and their prices are very good without hidden charges. But aviation is doing better in europe and asia than most part of the world presently.

Ryanair does a decent job for the price. They were one of the first true budget carriers and know their business. Yes, treating people well goes a long way.

I fly with them regularly myself and have no complaints, the fare gets your backside in a seat...that's it. Everything else is extra, for short flights it's a better system really, with the other airlines you pay whether you use the extras or not.

They are also very reliable, their whole business model is based on getting as many people on the move as possible with low per passenger profit margins. They are the fifth largest airline in the world by passenger numbers, so I guess that works. If any airline will get you on the ground on time it's Ryanair. I've been standing at the gate in Amsterdam, boarding pass scanned, 25 mins before departure time...waiting on the plane to arrive...and taken off on time.

Lots of people like to give out about them but personally i have flown with them 30ish times and never had one problem. On time and delivered on their service. It was great when they came first as it created a lot of competition in a market that needed it.

Ryan air is awful they don’t bother wifh your hand luggage till 5 mins before getting on the plane so they can try to put it on hold and charge £50 for it and tell you you don’t have time to move things round and repack it cause the planes leaving. The amount of arguments I’ve had with Ryan air about hand luggage but have always won.... so far. Last time it was cause the over head was full despite me always being 3 hours early for flying (fomo) and they wanted to put it on the hold. I carry my photography equipment which can no way go on hold had to pretend to cry on them and they sorted oht a seat for my luggage but it’s always always a hassle with Ryan air.

@donkeypong - Lol. The classic 'Bait and switch' strategy. The 24$ lure used to fish for more than $150 ultimately out of your pocket. Nice.
Reminds me of a classic sales story of the guy selling reading glasses (in those good old days when you had to go in person to buy them). When a customer walks in, points and says how much are those - the salesman says $50, looks at the face of the customer to see if he has flinched at the price and if not, calmly adds "for the frame". Then the customer asks "how much for the lens" and the salesman goes "$25" and again takes a look, pauses and says "For one glass" etc. etc. and so on.
I totally agree with the seat recline restriction decision, just like you but I would rather not have the 'bait and switch' getting used by all the reputed carriers as well.
Thanks for this eye-opening article. Upvoted


Haha this is so true! we live in England and this is pretty much the same with most airlines here now. In fact sometimes it is cheaper to fly with the better airlines, never mind less hassle! We are off to Cyprus in April and I am dreading the flight, not for the flying, but for all the drama that goes with it. Last year, we booked a VIP option, which was amazing! We didn't have to que for 3 hours, we were taken to a private room where all refreshments were provided FOC and then once everyone else had been packed into the aeroplane, we were fetched from our comfortable room and taken straight through security with no issues at all and settled on the plane, 5 minutes before take off! I think this privilege cost us about £100 for 2 adults and a child, well worth it IMO!

There's something to be said for avoiding the hassle even if it costs more.

Very funny post but not funny when one is having to deal with all this nickle and dime bull they pull. One feels like what next? Will they start charging me for the air I breathe while on the flight? All the while everybody is mad at having to deal with the situation. Lovely customer experience! Lol.

While this is funny and hilarious, this reflects the nature of the business. Even in every business, to maximize profit, they will always find a way to attract customers. When you thought you can save by choosing cheaper alternatives, you want to consider your decision. Hidden charges are in every corner, waiting to ambush you until you will feel that you don't have a choice except to pay.

Well isn't this a new way of trying to earn too much for the same service the British airline offer?

At least they tell you what it costs up front. But yes, the service probably isn't much better.

Well it's kind of a calculated and sold so easily and people tend to always buy it.

Another good reason to avoid BA.
Used them twice in 4 years ago and never will again. Service was crap, costs higher than advertised and the food made me sick for 2 days.
Same goes for United and a couple of others that treat clients a captive money bags.

The examples I gave were from Frontier rather than BA, but yes, there are complaints about BA also. Sorry you had a bad experience with them too.

Amazing post here... Seat recliners are everywhere even in the buses and taxis here in Nigeria. Funny some people just can be so selfish to not consider their neighbor just behind them. I'm sure I will fly someday, and since British airways is your suggestion coining from this post. I'm gonna fly it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Yes, that's right. The same issues can occur on buses. My only recommendation re: flying is to know the true cost before you go. :)

Yes of course. The cost has been my main issue from time, quite expensive here in Nigeria to fly interstate. It's a growth process, I'm sure I will join you in flying some day.

I am not a jerk so I don’t do those things. But it is a personal peeve of mine when people don’t think about others around them. I understand the need to get some relaxation and rest on a long and uncomfortable flight, but take a look behind you and even ask if it’s okay to recline first

It's okay that British Airways now locks seat and I honestly wish other airlines would follow suit because quite a lot of people wouldn't mind inconveniencing you just to make themselves comfortable. Thank you sir for sharing.

There's hidden fees when you get a discount in Vegas as well. They may show a $27 room but they would have a $30 resort fee. You don't find out until your trying to book. I wish they could just be upfront about it. It saves everyone a lot of time.

Hahah we are the same, we think about the circumstances about whether they are comfortable, but instead they do not think about it.

nice to be read about the british airwasys and also the 6 points of innovations are really attractive and i will want to try it next time thanx to share and suggest donkeypong bcz i dont know about all these and the deal from british airline before your share it

The deal was from Frontier. I was suggesting (jokingly) than British Air could learn from it.

Trust me, BA would definitely consider your suggestion :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@donkeypong Many People As You Say The Don't Care About Other
They will not feel it unless They try what you face in airplane ..
Thank you so much for sharing you experience following you (y)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

its really good deceion from british airways bcz its will make the behind person more easy and to see budget really they need this and i agree with them and also they give the good deal per year in 50$,,,
but maybe many people dont like this innovations @donkepong

Many people don't like those innovations? I agree. They are not very innovative, just silly. :)

@donkeypong, Thanks you for shared interesting also maybe funny post. This post showing reflection of British airline company. All around companies try to increase their profit use customer attraction tricks. Any businessmen do marketing promote methods. In fact most Airline companies reduce their price but also reduce customers facilities. Ex: reduce customers space. Any companies did this procedure. Reduce price also reduce quality of goods. Very useful information indeed your blog. Its will be important air travelers. Interesting reading.

Me reading this:

I usually kick the seat until it rocks and hopefully they get the message that they’ve just eliminated about 67% of my personal space.

"Ha, so relatable"

And then:

Just kidding. I’m not a jerk

Haha. I dragged you down to my level and then pretended to be better, but next time you hear about a passenger being escorted from a flight due to anger issues, it might be me.

Some airline companies are reducing their ticket prices. On the other hand, they are reducing comfort and catering, in short quality. I do not know about airline companies where you live. But in general they can compromise on profits for profit.

Yes, I agree. Hence, the sardine can analogy.

Absolutely. And sardine? This is too much luxury. :) The airline companies I use serve only tea and cold sandwiches. :) You are so lucky :) @donkeypong

I need a sardine and cucumber sandwich, even if it's canned.

Bente. I love every trace of Sardinian. And never say no. I also thank you for your comments and your vote. @donkeypong

I swear, airlines become more like jails every year... and of course the u.s. has some of the worst companies in the world. pain in ass

That's good news.
But they have to come forward more and look or do like Turkish Airways on the occasion of the cresmes.
She did an internal flight worth one dollar.

TBH I am happy with the locking decision! I hate when people do that without looking around them to see if it is actually ok to do it. But don't give them ideas with your last sentence ( face palm), Good god paying for toilets??!! ugh! what else is next?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

After reading your post i feel sorry for you. It's so true that There aren't no such thing as a free lunch. Marketing companies are making profit by hooks or crooks. Started a flight of $24 and endep up at $124 exclusive of taxes is just disgusting. Thanks for providing us awareness @donkeypong

Haha, so many innovations man. There is always a catch to these things (in this case 6, LOL). But I guess they still manage to get people on board somehow. These innovations are simply genius if you ask me! NOT

That's it. They're running all the way to the bank.

Oh, I know they are! They most definitely are... lol 😁

Oh man, I feel you when it comes to leg room. It is a problem whenever I travel.
We should get creative and stretch our legs behind our necks :))

That would fix a few problems. Maybe we need some genetic engineering.

It's fine, man.
Just make one more steemit post and all moneyz will be back ;)

It's less about the money than the hassle and indignity of being nickel-and-dimed at every turn. If they had just told me the final price, I probably would have paid it.

I know, I know, But what can we do.
Airlines don't care, they've even beaten asian guy just because he didn't want to give up on his seat. Stupid ******rs (***** - any bad word).

Nah, who cares about planes... I use teleportation.

How much for a ticket?

Oh I can take you with me for free if you upvote my black and white post with puppy :DDD

never stop there !! why do they do something like this when they need to campaign to get new customers. I don't understand anything..

Exactly. One step forward, two steps back. It seems they could spend a lot less on marketing if they treated people better.

@donkeypong I wonder what the executives of the airline company did.they are totally nonsense

I haven't been in an aeroplane so I can't relate to that, but today I had to travel from delta state, Nigeria to Abuja Nigeria, which took over 8hours via road, it was jammed full, having someone recline his/her seat in such situation, I don't care being a jerk. 😂

Yes, the same thing can happen on buses and some other transport. Hope you had a good trip.

Yes it was fun, as we all chatted and I made some new friends, spoke to one about steemit and during the week I would be meeting with him for full breakdown.

Wow! Just wow! I can't believe all the fees that Frontier is charging for the $24 flight. Next they will incorporate lavatory pass fees and a fee for use of the little AC nozzle. Pehaps a premium seating arrangement to be able to use the lights above your seat.

Although I must admit the newest seat designs are absolutely terrible if you are the person behind the inconsiderate recliner. So bravo for locking that, but the true problem is the lack of personal space to begin with.

Great post!

Worst affected are passengers who have bought the cheapest deals. But even BA's executive club members who have been awarded 'companion vouchers' to go on a romantic break or honeymoon with their partner are being separated on flights.

The only way to ensure a seat with your family is to pay £20 to reserve one on longer flights of five hours or more, or £7 a seat on short-haul flights.

Split up: Furious travellers complain that they are being split up from loved ones as they head off on holiday. Worst affected are passengers who have bought the cheapest deals
Seats by the emergency exit cost £50 to reserve, while executive club members are charged £24 per seat on longer flights.

The policy was introduced in 2009. Paid-for reservations were said to be based on requests from customers – but many are now complaining about the policy on social media, as the airline also faces a backlash for scrapping free sandwiches on short-haul flights and for its plans to reduce leg room on some flights.
Source -

Well, that sounds about right for budget airlines. I know when I took Wizzair (budget airline in Europe) they did most of these that you've outlined. They have a "club" price and a non club price, charge for bags, expect carry-on, charged for food, and if you want the seats in the front with a little extra leg room, they charge for that! But can't say that the prices were so bad... I mean usually budget flights are short, so you don't have to necessarily eat on the plane, which saves a bit of money, and if you can stand to be squished in a seat for 1-4 hours then you don't have to pay for that extra leg room ;)

Jesus. Fucking. Christ, I can relate

Being 2 meters (6 foot 6 in yankee units) the long haul flights I've done from time to time have been absolute killers. Forget about sleep, forget about a drink, and abso-fucking-lutely forget about the entertainment system, as that will be comfortably squeezed against your lap.

I will (semi) politely to turn your seat rest back up or ask for another seat when the douche declines.

Please, for the love of god, don't fully recline your seat

I'm out

The flights NEVER cost what they're listed as. haha that is a fact!

I use skyscanner and I've already accepted that for every cheap ticket I see, I have to add at least $40-50 on top of it. It's always "baggage isnt free, or carry on baggage costs an additional (insert amount here).

All and All, it still works for me BUT that's only when hopping countries in Asia... in Europe I go with better airlines if possible.

Seat Recliners are annoying as hell but I've given up on that battle as well. I just fly seating in the Indian position hahaha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Actually I never got on the airplane, because there was no need to go far away, in your statement, there are a lot of things in the airplane.Your words will be useful for the journey of the airplane, because they are very useful, thanks

If and when you fly, make sure you learn the full cost. :)

Noooooo! Frontier Airline is the devil. We got tickets once - super awesome deal, bundled with Luxor hotel in Vegas, super cheap. Well... as you pointed out - you pay for everything. Do you want a carry on with you - you pay. Do you want to sit with the person you are traveling? Pay. Do you want to have extra 4 inches of space. Pay. If you are above 5 feet - you will be uncomfortable flying. Because you will not fit into your seat. The seats are also plastic. Then they lure you into thinking they're an amazing airline by saying that you have a voucher for free upgrades because your flight was delayed by like an hour. Ok. So you pay for upgrades, sit closer to the front with more room. WELL... then you discover that one of the worst parts of Frontier is not even the lack of room or ability to bring a bag - it's the people. Not the poor people with a bunch of kids who I was expecting to make noise and cause annoyance. It's the bros who brought their own booze. It's the people who think they are too good to fly Frontier and will loudly talk about it for HOURS. Loudly. You will wish for sweet mercy of death. Also pilots are ... interesting. And will have to try a landing at least twice. They will be in a hurry so you will like vomiting even though you never get motion sickness. So... Frontier. I hope the trend doesn't spread... Southwest all the way :-)

I can relate to this fully.

For the last six years, i've traveled from the USA to Asia. My first flight wasn't that bad (hardly anyone on the plane). Afterwards, I realized I had to seriously do my homework before taking an airplane. I'm 6'1" (185 cm) and it's HARD finding a seat with leg room.

Budget airlines REALLY suck when it comes to convenience. Air Asia had the NERVE to charge me for water! Spirit airlines charged me a shit ton of hidden fees for bags.

These airlines are the absolute worst.

Based on what I read, i'll consider British Airlines in the future! Thanks for the testimonial!

The exit rows are sometimes slightly more spacious.

I'm SUPER thankful they give me the exit rows whenever I request it. My last flight back home, a super awesome flight attendant gave me the hook up. I hate being on a 12 hour flight and I have to deal with cramped space. :/

I find if you ask for an exit row, they MIGHT can work with you, especially if you're pleasant to them and smile.

Great information sir. Hope you can follow me someday :)

First of all a cordial greetings your profile has caught my attention here you have a new friend from Venezuela.
This is an issue that has always struck me as one sometimes pays as much money for a seat and spending long hours on a flight and a person leaning back and bothering you for so many hours is annoying. But we also want to get back in the seats and be comfortable but there is the problem.

It bothers you that they bother you but you do not bother the person back then I think that is a good balance so as not to disturb or put the price in a way that does not bother the back so much.

Greetings from Venezuela, a big hug for you and I hope we can keep reading to you

They just make sitting in a plane uncomftorble, so you'll pay for business.💲

Oh my, I did travel with those completely non-reclining seats on another line several times now. Great, excellent post, BTW.

I've flown Spirit a ton. No major complaints. They get me from A to B safely, so what if I dont have an extra 3 inches of space or I have to pay for my peanuts lol.

That's a good attitude!

nice one! keep it up!

That's very annoying if meet a people who cares for himself. In public transportation the moment is not rare. We need to kick off the selfish person like that..

It's joking when you said the passenger has stolen 67 percents of your space...hahaha. how did you get that number?

You can take me, but you will never take my bunghole, Hm heh.... For I am the Great Cornholio Hm heh I have no bunghole, hm heh...

Intriguing post. I delighted in understanding it. You touched the issue of the individuals who fly frequently.

Thanks @donkeypong, for this post. Very hilarious post. Can just imagine the sight of a disgruntled father allowing his children run riot on a long haul flight because his space has been invaded. Jokes apart now, it can be almost unbearable when the passage in front of you shows no consideration what so ever before they decide to encroach into your space. The midway seat lick idea seems perfect. And that's if the passager doesn't have a spanner or a wrench of some sort onboard! Thanks for your post, truly enjoyable.

many airlines had tried budgeted airfares and flopped one should be careful but it is always recommended to test it

This was so funny. I laughed all through reading, especially the frontier $24 offer. I could guess it will have hidden charges, but did not figure it would be up to $100.
They would have made it easy by given the full fare charge and save one the trouble of going through every of those steps. And be left with the choice if you want it or not.
Anyway, i can try to understand as they are applying market strategy to get you hooked.
Interesting post to read.

Yes! I've had so many flights ruined by unapologetic recliners. I have such short legs, I'd hate to be in that situation with your long legs! I never know wether to suck it up and get used to the invasion of my personal space, or make the person behind me suffer my reclining my chair. I HATE confrontation when I can't get away from the person so I can never bring myself to ask them to un-recline.

What's the message? Clear it.

interesting nice funny post......

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@donkeypong great post my dear, it is amazing how can play with the letters and get so fluent congratulations. I was wondering if there are possibilities to obtain delegated power from you, I am a very active user on the platform and I would love to contribute in steemit


Does this seem familiar? :D
Also, they always find a way to attract passengers and then they just take your money and you're like: "What just happened"?
Nothing comes cheap in this modern era...

haha that's me every time i fly. I'm 180 cms with a medium built and trust me the only pain in taking flight is the leg room it leaves me with

Arrghh.. So true. It amazes me how inconsiderate people are in the economy class - reclining their chair all the way to the maximum!

I am a fairly small gal and even with my size, it is still a hassle.. I am happy to pay more for more leg room on a long haul flight..


Interesting post. I enjoyed reading it. You touched the problem of those who fly often.

Marketing strategy, so funny anyway...

@donkeypong great post my dear. I am a very active user on the platform and I would love to contribute in steemit

@donkeypong Something needed to be done and British Airways did the necessary thing. Congratulations to them, makes me proud to be choosing them.

amazingly very interesting for those who understand it.

Its really amazing and interesting, Thank you for this informative and well written post, @donkeypong

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?


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British Airways now locks seats? I like that, so never again it will happen that someone try to crush me with his seat. Or seesaw like crazy, so that i have to fear of my life.

British Airways’ new boarding policy will prevent passengers who bought their tickets for less to board before others. @donkeypong

Although air travel is the safest transportation, there is a lot of risk of death in the event of an accident.I did not make the plane trip so far :)

good work lonelyplanet :D

Those who have paid for a more expensive ticket will be prioritised, according to an internal document from the airline.

Passengers will be given a number between one and five, depending on the cost of their ticket which will then signify when they will board. @donkeypong

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On the opposite problem just having a piece of consideration for other people in standard will take you a protracted way in existence. just strive no longer to be a dickhead in widespread and people will respond in type.

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it's just a good marketing move from companies) as they say to us "nothing is free." in this case cheap at a discount

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travel is much tiring, with the plane can reach the target of on the motorcycle ride.
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Great article, it happens so many times when you try to find the right deal for your plane and that you end up paying way more than what you expected ! for some reasons, I try now to avoid low fare companies and only book in advance with good airlines ...

Interesting post. I won't be surprised if they real charge using restrooms. Black humor...

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What a way of getting people in a fix... lol. For me that is just a way of losing more customers than getting more. With the frontier seem-cheaper rate $24 it would really attract people but what happens at the end... funny indeed.

British Airways is a trendsetter and I hope this catches on with its competitors. Of course, locked seats are not a BA invention. The idea comes from budget carriers, who have been doing this for years to boost the number of sardines they can pack in their flying tin cans.

Hahaha... trust me this is everywhere😂. More people more money.

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comfort is what one expect anytime flying its the experience that matters that would pull you again to the same flight provider otherwise its all worse

Some people can be something else, but what can you do when the destiny throws you against each other. You just got to pick what you need and leave the garbage where it belongs.

air travel turkish airways says

I remember when I was back packing around Europe, my first experience with Ryan air a euro low budget airline. They would charge £4 to choose your seat (a rather ridiculous thought back in 2008) and £4 to get to the front of the line. If you didn’t do this, you effectively sat where ever there was a spare seat. Airlines will do anything to maximise profit. Great post!

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i cant stopping laughing, is everywhere not only in airline . Some kind people will like to show to others that they have been used airline by sitting any how , being pride of anything he does without seeking or allowing others to still enjoy what they have also paid for.