The Swiss Adventure: Day 2 - Bern, City of Bears

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The Nation’s Capital, Bern: The City of Bears.

After an hour and a half drive from Zurich, we arrived in Bern and... wow! What a picturesque city it is! The direction we drove in gave us a perfect view of the whole city.

There are so many cool, quirky aspects to this city, like the shops built into the old underground storage basements (including a Lush store!).

Then there's the Zytglogge, Bern's Clock Tower. Built into what was Bern’s first western city gate, this impressive 'astronomical calendar' clock was created in the early 1500s and served as the city's main clock.

As with most cities, they are generally filled with nice, pleasant, friendly people and each city has its small minority of 'strange individuals'. Bern proved to be no different as we were approached by a man asking if we had any cigarettes. It didn't take long until we clicked as to why this many had made a bee-line for us to ask this strange question. We had asked our friend to take a photo of us with our mobile phone, so it was out in the open for all to see. Thankfully our friend realised this and was able to handle the situation, with a little help from his dog, Sadie, who barked at the gentleman too!

We did eventually get the photo though!

Lunchtime fun

After a little more investigating, we decided it was time for food. So we found a nice little Italian restaurant called Saint Lucia. Glad of the warmth and food, we sat down and ordered. The waiter seemed confused at my request for a Quattro Formaggi pizza with anchovies (is that weird?). Three of our four meals turned up, then as we were awaiting Sam's risotto to arrive we heard an all-mighty crashing of a plate of food hitting the floor. We turned to look and what was once a nice, clean, food-free wood floor now sat under a covering of risotto! The waiter deeply apologised and rushed to the kitchen to prepare another dish.


There are so many impressive buildings in Bern. Including the clock tower, there is also The Federal Palace of Switzerland, the Stadttheater and Berner Münster to name a few.

The view from the bridge

As we explored, we found a bridge that gave a nice high vantage point. So I set up my camera on a tripod, changed the setting for a long exposure image and started snapping. My goal: to get a 'glassy' look to the river.

If we were a little closer to the water, I feel this may have been achieved a little better, but I'm still very happy with the resulting image.

The Famous Bern Bears

Bern has always had a close relationship with bears ever since its foundation. The bear appears all over the city on flags, fountains and buildings. Then there is the BearPark, a must for any tourist visiting the city; a chance to see bears in the centre of the city... only you would be able to if the bears weren't hibernating for the winter!

Oh well!

This statue was sat on a bench above BearPark, adorned with a bobble hat. I couldn't resist a photo!

Almost time to head home

We couldn't leave this city without getting the best view of it! Just after sunset, we climbed up the hill to the best spot to see the whole city, and with the streetlights and Christmas lights all being lit up it was simply beautiful.

Tomorrow's plan?

Tomorrow, we head up into the Alps, to Davos!


love the work you put in! nice post

Thank you :)

Awesome photos and article. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words. I will be posting more in this series shortly so be sure to follow me. :)

I particularly like the last shot! The city lights and the dark clouds of the sky truly makes a wonderful scene! Great post!

Thank you @andywong31. I was so pleased with this shot too :)

Loved you photos, bern is beautiful. Keep enjoying.

Thank you. Bern really is a beautiful city.

Wow, ​your photos are breathtaking.

Thank you @avisioninpurple, that really means a lot :D

Great post brilliant pictures. Loved it

Thank you @manavmailk, this city is so picturesque so you can't really take a bad photo.

Love your photos. What a beautiful city!

Thank you @msvee, it really is.

Wow, Bern is a beautiful city, im happy to see this pictures.

wow. in all honesty I never had a ny idea that it would be that beautiful. I plan on Europe next may and no w will add hese places to my trip. I was planning on Germany and Italy but in the middle is Switzerland so we will stay a few days now. Thank you for the great street shots

You definitely need to add Switzerland to your plans. Bern is beautiful, and as you will see from my upcoming posts so are Zurich and Rappersvil, and the Swiss Alps are stunning.

Congratulations to all of you in this 2018! Remember that you should always be very optimistic and try very hard to make your dreams come true. I send you this cordial greeting full of my best wishes.

Thank you @danyflores, and the same to you too :)

Impressive blog!
Photos are excellent!
What a picturesque city!
Bern's Clock Tower, The Federal Palace of Switzerland , Sdattheatre , Berner Munster are amazingly beautiful .
Wish I could visit the Bern, City of Bear in Switzerland someday.
Thanks for sharing an interesting place.
Upvote, ReSteemed and followed!
I'm just a newbie of the Steem Family.
Looking forward for the coming posts.

It was such a beautiful town. Be sure to follow me as I'm posting for each of our 8 days here and we are seeing some incredible things. I will follow you :)

Hey I liked your post! would be nice if you checked out mine too about traveling to northern Norway! :)

Hey thanks my friend. I shall have a look and I will also follow too. :)

Looks amazing !! Would love to go sometime!!

You HAVE to come @vtravels, it's just beautiful. I can't wait to post Day 4's article, you will love all of the snow covered mountains.

Yes we do!! We should all go next time hehe ! Can't wait to see your next post! :)

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