#5 Beautiful Madeira - Levadas - dangerous ☠️ but beautiful! ☀️ ⛰️ 🎥

in travel •  2 months ago

Levadas of Madeira Island - Hike through the spectral landscapes of the UNESCO-listed attractions!
You can read more about the history of levadas here: https://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/6230/

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i am watch your all video very nice all video super


Thanks! :)

a very nice place, but very dangerous
This levada must have been very historic when it was first built by the purtugis.


The first settlers arrived around 1500 and the oldest levada are from 1800 and they still work today.
you have to be careful not to slip there ;)

this is very dangerous .. but it will be very challenging if there


Levadas are different difficulty, you can choose something for yourself. It is worth visiting them :)

It is really challenging a journey guarded by drones, we can enjoy far ahead before we cross a very extreme slope, this is the benefit of drone, very beautiful.


yes :) Thanks!

hopefully your trip please my good friend. and I really need support from you my friend. please help me upvote 100% once my good friend yes @dominik.homa

Awesome! I'll need to add it to my bucket list. Looks beautiful


great place, it's worth adding to bucket list :)

Bro, you need a drone 🍀🤗

Incredible footage Dom! Love it, great video as always :D

Nice Dom!

It seems very scary for me to do a hike there.


bit scary but if I was there with a one-year-old child, you can do it too ;)

Medeira Portugal on your second trip today is great fun and full of high Andrenaline, but the Traffic Path is a little dangerous for someone who has heart failure and can be fatal for her, hopefully they do not take the Shortcut


some levadas are dangerous but they are also less dangerous. Everyone can choose something for themselves :)

a little scared too, if we go that way. but for an adrenaline challenger, it's pretty good for such a place. thank you @dominik.homa


You welcome!

it seems like this is a thrill ride, you really dare to walk there and record it, but this is a beautiful view of the clear water showers and it seems soothing, incredibly beautiful this place


you have to be careful there but it is worth every minute spent there :)


it's really fun, if only I could do it like you, life sometimes difficult here makes me unable to travel ... Thanks sir @dominik.homa

It's an amazing place without a doubt! Every time you share a video about Madeira I fall in love with the island so fantastic, thanks for sharing :)


I'm glad you like it :) Thanks!