Watermill 📷

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I had no more posts about Hobbiton, but the subject and beauty of this place are so great for me that I could not resist. :)
I have a dream to create a some place that will resemble this beautiful atmosphere of a hobbit village. Who knows maybe one day...

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It looks a very peaceful and serene place, may be perfect for a weekend getaway

It really looks beautiful. I wish you luck creating a place like hibbiton.

extraordinary. I really like this. I feel calm in that place. Nice capture

That’s looks like a fairy tale.

I need to have one 😍 This is all I need 🤗

It would be joyful living in such a magical place
#childhood_dream 😊

Nice scene is a whole show, what a beautiful place, fantastic friend

The architectures of those places are fantastic and the place with that natural touch makes it look nice to live there!

I like such watermills, @dominik.homa .

Once in Abkhazia we saw how an old water mill works.

Thanks for the beautiful photo )

That house looks very attractive, it is like grandparents house where the children would be happy to spend their summer holiday playing in water and having fun with water mill. I belive many would be glad to recreate this place for themselves, but from other side I know few people who LOVE to live in busy hectic big cities and feeling well without been in the nature. So it is good that we are all so different :)

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