The Green Dragon™ Inn, picture from the bridge 🐲 🗝️

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Would you like to live in a Hobbit village for a while?
Someone made a beautiful movie from this place. Look here:

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great scenario very beautiful friend, I would love to know that magical place

wow I love the view that's some really lovely view cool!

wuao what a beautiful place, it must be fantastic to live in a wonderful place so having contact with nature is priceless, thank you for sharing this beauty

The place is so beautiful, that it looks so unreal.

In Indonesia have tours that are similar to the place of residence of the Hobbit. This place is called "Rumah Hobbit / Hobbit's House". It's at Farmhouse Lembang, Bandung

Pict by open source

Green, the colour of life, the colour of peace, the colour of prosperity. 🙏😊

What a beautiful place it is as if you were watching a fairy tale or something! Thank you for sharing :)

The video is so beautiful it's intention to make people jelious and want to be. Abdolutely amazing work of skilled people to recreate the fairy tale and give life to it.

I think every child would love to be there and it would be a good idea may be to use the place as summer camp for children at least so that they feel adn live once the fairy tale :)

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