The bridge 🌤️

in #travel6 years ago


Another photo from Hobbiton, this time you can see a beautiful bridge.
If you want to see how the movie was made on the movie set in Hobbiton, see here :)

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Amazing. How is today @dominik.homa?

Amazing and very real. Attention to detail delights. The whole village gives a real experience

what a beautiful place, my friend, every day I am delighted with so much beauty that you publish good work

nature always giving us these scenarios full of such beauty

The picture looks like a painting, very awesome land @dominik.homa

I see the bridge in the movie... in my place the bridge built from steel...

I love this "real" places from movies.. They really exist, they are not just scenery from Hollywood;)

Wow, amazing nature
I really love nature
Because nature is part of life


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