Sky Tower - reflection in a business tower 🗼 New Zeland

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Sky Tower in Auckland is a little higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If you want to see how the construction process took place in the 90s, then you can see this short film:

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Man, that’s a pretty cool looking building. I wonder if birds fly into the windows often because they are so reflective, like a mirror… New Zealand huh? Nice shot!

Thanks! The birds are smart, only sometimes one too much goes wild ;)

Good because I remember the windows in our RV would be super reflective when opened that we had to keep them closed to save the poor birds from breaking their necks. New Zealand birds must be much smarter than American birds :).

Technology is really a wonderful thing.

yes, technology can change people life for better but also we need use technology with is good for nature

I love the picture and the video, Awesome..

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wuao what a beautiful tower is a show I love the mirrors as everything is reflected, nice friendly publication

New Zealand buildings are amazing! Of all the things you've shared you don't stop to impress me with those beautiful images :)

Nowadays the technology makes it easy for human to build up such complex construction and this is really great technique to to pump concrete and build up floor by floor. It is amazing to be on the top on obversation level the emotions and impressions you will have for the whole life. The picture of reflection is really good. I love it!

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