Queenstown - one of the most beautiful places and cities I've seen! ⛰️ 🚠 😏

in travel •  4 months ago


A beautifully situated city over a huge lake, among the surrounding mountains. The climate of this place is wonderful. Read more here https://www.lonelyplanet.com/new-zealand/queenstown-and-wanaka/queenstown

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Nice man ,Am in Seasight Heights In New Jersey hope to see you man 💓 @domenik.homa

hello...@dominik.homa It's looking really beautiful and the citizen are very lucky


they look very calm and happy;)

I'm quite confused where You are now. In Poland, New Zealand, Spain ?🙄🙄🙄


Your question inspired me to travel even more ;)

Oh! amazingly beautiful place!
I would love to go there.
It is a very amazing sight.
Thanks for showing me @dominik.homa

I wish you many interesting journeys
and good mood!
Let nothing darken your days!
Best wishes from, @singa



It seems like I really want to travel there.


it is worth visiting the whole of New Zealand, a beautiful place :)


I really want to visit New Zealand, hopefully someday this thing will be achieved.

It is a beautiful scenery would be wonderful to visit and learn more about that place so fantastic! Thank you for sharing


you welcome! :)

NZ is such an amazing place! Great location to have a drone and a quality camera 📸


yes, drone is a priceless thing in such places :)

Beautiful :)