Lovely beach at the lake in the city center - Queenstown 🏖️

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Swimming in such places full of peace and beautiful nature is a real pleasure.
Walking along the promenade and listening to street musicians, you can truly relax.
There are many places in New Zealand like this.
It's worth going there for long holidays

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What is the temperature in the water in New Zealand? Not so familiar with the climate in NZ, so cannot imagine whether it will be nice and warm (25-27 Celsius), or more like my home country (Norway) where you enjoy a nice swim in 22-23 Celsius (on a very nice and warm summer-day)!

Dear @dominik.homa

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The place looks beautiful and serene. Oman also has beaitiful beaches but what we miss here is the greens around.

Wow.. Its called a paradise @dominik.homa, wonderful land to Visited.

That does look amazing! I can't wait to go to New Zealand someday.

I love the sea and as I miss it, I need to visit it, it's a charming image

nice photo friend the sea is my passion, I like to hear the sound of the waves

😍Bro, let me switch places with you... I'm stuck here in the city... miss the beach 😢

Very beautiful place and the beach looks lovely, @dominik.homa !

You are right it is not only a nice place for swimming but looking at the nature there is everything sea, mountains, evergreen trees and even little town most probably with nice cafes. That must be really paradise for children to play at water side, as there are no high waves too :)

It is a real pleasure indeed to swim in this place. I have longed to visit a place like this but unfortunately I haven't yet.

What would be the best option to visit New Zealand?


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