Hobbit path 💚

in travel •  4 months ago


Hey, maybe you know other places in the world that are similar to Hobbiton? Not necessarily associated with hobbits but also so magical?
I found such a list https://www.earthtrekkers.com/fairytale-destinations-around-the-world/
Maybe you also know about some interesting places? Let me know in the comment!

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Turkish valley Guram at a depth of 80 meters, archaeologists found an underground metropolis! With houses made of stone, ventilation shafts, small hearths for heating and riverbeds.

At the same time, the city was connected by an extensive system of underground passages, the size of which did not allow a person with normal growth to pass through them.

Where did all this come from?! By whom?! Mystery!

Not if dwarves lived in this underground city (or, at least, very similar creatures)
not yet known...

...and I found this video ))

Thank you for amazing gorgeous
the pictures of these beautiful landscapes, @dominik.homa !

I like the country side looking nature of hobbiton.


I am glad that you like it, I like it too.


My gf from Ukraine told that my home country Estonia looks like hobbiton :)


I want to visit Estonia someday :)

It’s so cool there, right? My favourite parts were the amazing oak tree and the pub 🙃


Very cool! :)

The places that this country has are really beautiful, it would be fantastic to visit them! :D


When you're there, go early in the morning. There are few people then :)

That is really famous place, during the time when the movies were running and even later there were many documentary about that place. You are luck been able to visit this place, really unique and beautifully created. I know that many NZ citizens are very proud of that place.
I presume that is a nice place for walking and exploring everthin with children too :)


Hi @stef1, because this place is visited by a very large number of people, there are strict tour schedules. Unfortunately, you can only be there about 2 hours.



you are welcome