Franz Josef Glacier - New Zeland!

in travel •  8 months ago


A beautiful glacier that you can admire on the southern island. Unfortunately, in recent years the glacier melts tight. The tongue has shortened considerably.
It's amazing, on the same day you can walk on the ice and go to the nearby beach of the Tasmanian Sea. You can experience winter and summer in one day :).
Apparently, in the past, the tongue of the glacier reached up to the sea.
You can read more about the glacier here:

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i had a really interesting walk on franz josef glacier with my daughter a number of years ago @dominik.homa. Your photograph brings back many happy memories. 😊

Great photograph. Were you there recently?

Oh wow! Looks as if a river was frozen half way flowing through a valley. Nice capture

It's incredible, when we can feel two seasons a day. A proof of the masterpiece of the creator of the universe.

Glaciers are very beautiful, but near them is very dangerous. They can always move. I once heard a glacier come down. It was Ossetia. Very terrible.

mountain slopes adorned with snow, amazing views