😍Do I need to say anything 😍

wuao what amazing what that guy did I take off my hat, work alone and have creativity, patience is not easy
incredible video friend I loved the cottage I am very nice and cozy

Must save a bunch on heating and ac cost

It's like living in the House of the Elves of some game hahaha XD

This is so cool :)

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Nice bro. Very like it.

This guy took away the prize I did an incredible job
I am fantastic I would love to spend a vacation in a place like that you must feel peace and tranquility, the best thing is contact with nature
thank you for sharing these beautiful videos friend, happy Sunday

Great videos and it looks really easy to build up such house. Living in warm country it could be no problem but when there is a cold autum and winter with short summer I do not know if it is possible to so quick to. May be a little isolation and refashioning then it should be OK too. Thank you for taking us in this wonderful world that was created in mind of great writer Prof. J. R. R. Tolien. I bet he would burst from amazement seeing that his dream came true :)

Just searching for the hobbit.. :D

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