Beautiful lake - New Zeland

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In New Zeland, you can find many lakes. Lakes are clean and they delight with their beauty.
You can read about the most beautiful lakes here:

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beautiful lake friend, this is a nice picture greetings

Beautiful place to Visited, The pure nature there @dominik.homa

I agree from the pictures the lake really looks clean on like other lakes in other countries of the world like some African countries that look dirty from pictures.

Do you know how the lake is maintained @dominik.homa?

Great photo, @dominik.homa

New Zealand has many wonderful lakes.
I liked this place. )


Unique lake Tekapo (Lake Tekapo) is known for its pristine beauty, incredibly beautiful, bright, natural landscape. Around the lake, a lot of amazing plants.

The lake is located in Mackenzie County. This is one of the areas in the South island of New Zealand.

The nature of New Zealand has a lot of similarity to the European but as my husband say because of low population some of the areas left in its pure beauty, clean and natural like in very far past.

I love lakes this one looks very inviting where you can have a sunday picnic with your family, play at water side and just enjoy mild warm weather of New Zealand and being just for each other.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture.

New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list! I have always wanted to go there since the Lord of the Rings came out. haha. :) I just found your blog. I have been following your wife Moni for quite some time now.

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