Beautiful beaches and sunsets - New Zeland! 🌅

in travel •  8 months ago


Another thing that captivated me in New Zealand are the beautiful beaches and sunsets. You can feel more space, the horizon goes much further than in Europe. The sky is much more blue and the sunsets are incredibly colorful. You have to see it with your own eyes to feel this beauty :)

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Piękna ta Nowa Zelandia. Ja Ci pokażę ,, mój Zalew Szczeciński'' !



Very good photo @krasnalek, a warm sky and a floating couple create a beautiful impression.

I love how the colours transition from warm to cool. Great shot!

WOW, the sunset and the clouds looking amazing🤗


Yes it's true :)

Great shoot, what a camera do you use? Gopro?


Thanks :) Canon 7D and Iphone8. I make films with the Gopro 6 camera ;)


Thank you :)

Was this shot with a very wide angle lens or panorama photo?


panorama photo

They are very beautiful the sunsets due to the combination of the colors in the sky! They're wonderful pictures :)


Really awesome photography 😍. The view is just breath-taking.
I am just wondering how would it look like when seeing it with own eyes.
Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day ahead.!!!


Thanks @khurmi, the impressions are amazing from watching such a sunset

wow great view ❤ love this picture..
it looks like an artwork.. but awesome picture buddy


Wow! A boat floating on the river at sunset is like a wonderful poetry!
Idyll of man and nature. Beauty!
You were able to convey in the photos
of the picturesque landscape and the mood of peace! @dominik.homa

Wonderful place to Visited @dominik.homa :)