Auckland - one of many beautiful streets 🏙️ ☀️

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Auckland is surprising by beautiful streets, cheerful people and good weather. The largest city of New Zealand has much to offer.
Here you can check what attractions are waiting for visitors:

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What a beautiful photograph

Nice picture @dominik.homa, we also could drinks a cup of coffee here I see.. Awesome Trip, lets come to Indonesia and explore our country land :)

Yah, I agree the street are so lovely that is why I can see people even chilling on the side of the streets. But does cars use this street, because in can see that the street is not wide enough for cars?

Se ve acogedora

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It is very beautiful the street and clean is a really amazing place, nice photo friend greetings

Awesome street. Shared with my followers :-)

Thanks @lichtblick :)

Beautiful city of North Island, I love these narrow streets and such cafes they are so cozy and it is nice to see architecture. Thank you for sharing the link, it is really good tip for those who is first time visiting New zealand and Auckland in particular :)

It is a nice place to know I have to go to buy it really looks great!

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