#6 Beautiful Madeira - Ponta de São Lourenço!!! 🌥️ 🌋 🚶🏻

in travel •  5 months ago

Nature Reserve with wonderful panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular volcanic rock formation. 😎

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woow .... you are presenting a great natural video. shows a very steep cliff.. thank you @dominik.homa

Great short video. Madeira is ranked high on my travel bucket list. 👍🏼 Did you go there for holiday as well or do you live in the area?


I was there for a month with my family. Great place and unique atmosphere. It is worth going there.


Nice situation.. And i want holiday hehe

it is truly incredible scenery in the area of the Atlantic Ocean. whether volcanic rock is still active @dominik.homa

wow, incredible beautiful landscapes, is this on an island ...

hopefully his journey pleases my good friend and photography is great. and hopefully you are always in good health. and I really need support from your friends. and I will upvote and resteem your posting my best friend

Waw,,, very amazing

woow ..
it was amazing
you are indeed one who has an incredible adventurous spirit.
this place almost resembles Raja Ampat Indonesia. but the hill is greener.

nice shoot video. after viewing your video i feel comfortable. Fill so good. so beautiful.. sorry bad english.. thank you for sharing my friend.

This video make my day beautiful ,thanks @dominik.homa

another wonderful video. Enjoying your every post, But as a new member, it didn't know about voting power...and I blow it ... dumbass... need a few days to get back up. 🤘 the show must go on

Wow is definitely a wonderful atmosphere, I'm excited to think that there are more places in the world as beautiful as this