Is The US-Mexican Border Really Closing? [VIDEO]

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Being stuck in the USSA is something like a worst nightmare for me, yet an influx of people have supposedly been trying to get into the home of the slaves.

I recently caught up with my friend Luke Rudkowski before leaving the land of the fees. We were both in Sedona, Arizona (a beautiful place nonetheless) to speak at the inaugural Anarchizona.

Luke and I had a chance to break down the latest immigration hysteria, political myths, and fake news for his popular channel We Are Change. Also avocados!

Do people really believe that if they completely shut down the Mexican border, the only noticeable difference would be a shortage of avocados? Or is that just what it takes to get the outrage-crowd to pay more attention?


Mexico and the US are massive trade partners. A shutdown in trade would possibly be the largest single event in economic history. At the very least it’d certainly rank up there. It’d be over $600 billion in trade wiped out with a single wave of the Orange Fuhrer’s hand.

If the border really closed, Mexican goods such as automobiles, electronics, oil products, silver, various fruits and vegetables, coffee, cotton and much more would rise in price dramatically in the states, or even become unavailable.

This is way bigger than avocados. It would likely cause a major depression in both the US and Mexico, which would only lead to more people in Mexico fleeing to the socialist USSA for the free stuff. Yet many statists on the right have been naively cheering it on, because “scary brown people!”

“Why is this gringo running to Mexico before the Trump border closing?” asks Rudkowski.

Watch the full video here:

In a free society, immigration is simply called moving.

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I keep telling people that the wall is to keep americans in.

Further, i feel we should build a wall around the 69 sq miles of foreign occupied territory on the Potomac.

The wall is also Trump's envy of Bibi.
Bibi can shot children and journalists, standing in Gaza and the world could give a flying fuck.
Trump wants to be able to shot children and journalists standing in Mexico, just like Bibi does.

Did 100,000 American citizens illegally flee via Mexico to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvadore last month?
DC is a cesspool for sure, a fence around it would be a good idea. Perhaps what is needed there is a drain.

If you have a swimming pool and don't build a fence around it then you are liable if someone falls in and drowns or is injured, even a trespasser. A swimming pool is an "attractive nuisance" legally, many localities require fences but besides all of that isn't it irresponsible and immoral not to build a fence around your pool lest children and wildlife drown in it?
Frankly I think America is a little more attractive than a neighbor's swimming pool and that it is immoral that we let people die in the desert trying to get here just because we can't get our shit together enough to put up a little fence to dissuade them.

@builderofcastles I totally agree ! I want no walls and no one sees there is a bigger problem here then a wall to keep others out. Creating conflict will only Build an authoritarian rule...

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We should also deport all baseball players from “Mexican countries” . Stop imports of tequila, rum, corona. See the great past times of drinking and sports be ruined by potus. Maybe we will see uprise since the masses can’t be bothered by real issues

The border will not close. Ever. If the government and corporate interests wanted to stop immigration, they would do it. They're more than capable, and it doesn't require a wall.

Driver's Licenses, Bank Loans, and Credit Cards being provided to illegals who don't even have a social security number is insane. Clearly, governments, banks, and mega-corps are doing everything can can to aid and promote illegal immigration. The proof is in the pudding. Meanwhile, the working-class sheep think the government simply cannot control the influx, and that a wall is the answer (or not an answer). Point is, there is no immigration "problem".. They're supporting and inviting it and pretending that they need policies and reform to fix it all. Nothing but political theater.

Anyone aware that Los Angeles county ALONE, spends $50 MILLION a month on welfare/housing/foodstamps for Illegals? Monthly! Just for illegals... Open your eyes people. There are several reasons the establishment wants to dilute the population with immigrants and none of those reasons benefit the citizens.

I'd much rather be on the Mexican side of the border than the USSA if the Orange Fuhrer really follows through on his threats.

Mexicans aren't living in a stupor like the Americans. The trip back to reality could be a very difficult one... especially when the rest of the world has been suffering under and because of their ignorance. Many will probably enjoy seeing the chickens coming home to roost.

Mexicans don't seem to like the hordes of central Americans in their country either.

It's not just Central Americans... the UN and it's NGOs are sending immigrants from numerous places to Mexico and encouraging them to head North. As usual... it's a production for the media.

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Funny to hear what madness. Shame Luke does not post in Steem anymore 💯🐒

just what it takes to get the outrage-crowd to pay more attention

Yup, the TDS set does not give a shit about what happens beyond their cost of avocado toast and they are stupid enough to believe that they won't be able to get any and be mad about it.

Ok why have I never heard of the event in Sedona ... thanks so much for your post and I am happy to support how I can ... have a fabulous night ❤️❤️❤️🍸

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It is all part of the plan to erase American culture. To make room for the NWO