Anarchy Is Apocalypse, Claim The Powers That Shouldn't Be [VIDEO]

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Those are the official words of warning issued by the benevolent US State Department to all Americans.

We know the government doesn’t like competition, so whenever a community organizes peacefully and prosperously without a big brother state extorting them, it’s time to ramp up the propaganda machine… for your safety, of course.

Well, in the spirit of refusing to believe anything crazy Uncle Sam says, one of the best things I did in 2018 was decide to visit Cherán myself, along with journalist Luke Rudkowski, to see what the hype was all about.

Anarchapocalypse is an upcoming documentary we were interviewed for, in which filmmaker Chris Harrigan explores the relationship between individuals and governments, from Acapulco to Michoacán.

The world needs to hear about the brave men and women of Cherán, the indigenous community that, in an uprising nearly a decade ago, threw out the local cartels and corrupt politicians—all of them—to end a cycle of violence and deforestation.

Enjoy The First Teaser Clip From The Film:

“The people of this land have been well-known for not letting themselves [be] dominated by someone else,” said Rodrigo, a native from the city, “right now, the situation was with the cartels and the government---they were taking advantage of them in a horrible way.”

Indeed, as we drove in, we were greeted by a checkpoint---except this “security measure” was designed to keep out politicians, those identified with a political party, and police.

Cherán is a beautiful, peaceful, and thriving example of what’s possible without the prying arms of the state, so it was really important to be able to tell this story.

Watch The Full Coverage From We Are Change:

Real world examples of functioning anarchy on large scales continue to emerge. It’s part of the reason that Anarchapulco---The World’s Premier Liberty Event---has exploded in popularity.

It’s expected to break attendance records again this year, and the whole theme is LIFE UNCHAINED, so prepare for the wildest experience imaginable.

Anarchapulco 2019 is honored to have Cherán Town Elder Jose Merced presenting on the main stage, along with incredible visionaries like Dr. Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, and David Icke.


There will be so many freethinkers you’ll have the chance to meet and network with. Tickets are expected to sell out soon, though, so if you still haven’t, be sure to BOOK NOW while you can.


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You hear the news about Russia to buy billions of $$$ worth of bitcoin? I’m just wondering where are they going to buy them from... this should definitely increase the price substantially


I recommend they use Vaultoro. Buy/sell gold using bitcoin. Jeff put me onto them in an Anarchast broadcast. My referral link below.


Do you have an article about this we can link to?


Best thing you can do is google “Russia us sanctions bitcoin” and you’ll get a whole bunch of articles

If you live in the USA you best know what's going to happen to you soon;

I for one are glad that there’s people out there like yourself keeping us all informed. Thank you.cheers mike


Cheers to that!

Looks like an amazing place to visit .Would be so good to see Jose Merced's talk also, hope it makes it onto Steem at some point. Where can we see the full documentary? 💯🐒

If you really want to be free from the system now, you can do it.

Sad put true try to show some people the light .

Remember telling a guy once "this corrupt system needs to end"

response: "but that would be anarchy "

What's your take on the Lightning network?

you can almost feel the freedom just watching this I think I will put this city on my travel list...I have been in Mexico twice, its a nice country, you feel free somehow in a way that you never feel in other parts of the many god dam rules.

Great post, and looking forward to more of your posts. @dollarvigilante

So inspiring. I would love to visit Cheran. There is so much the rest of the world can and must learn from the people there. Especially about focusing on inner peace and spreading that to the community. Peaceful solutions will set us free.

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