A trip to Delhi 2018

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We had a lot of fun. Some of the grestest food experiences i had in my life are from this tour. Unfortunately it was too hot and i could not do a lot of outing.

This ice-cream parlour is awesome. Choices are in hundred.IMG_20180529_124331_541.jpg

Kareems kitchen has the best kebab probably in entire India.

The hotel was cool enough.

I had to buy my princess a Kangarooe .

And the sky was always welcoming.IMG_20180524_020011_114.jpg

And not to forget we tried Dominoz pizza, natures Ice-cream , Street kebab , Hyderbadi biryiani and a lots of water to beat the heat.


Delhi is waiting for you again... 😉 Come in winters this time... with jackets on.. it was a memorable staying with you... :) had lot of fun and learning..

Winter is coming, we will get in some other city. Why the same city again?

no-doubts that's also good idea... I was just thinking to explore delhi more hehehe

Hope you have enjoyed a lot in this trip. Photos are nice and self explanatory to describe the enjoyment. Nicely explained and like always sky is with you.

yes i enjoyed the trip. U can say " I have beaten the heat".

Yes, I can feel the heat. I had the opportunity to visit Delhi once and heat was unbearable.

What a beautiful day that could be for you all. You guys were just having good time and trying different things in different place. To keep the mind happy traveling can be a fantastic solution.

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done, am into the group now. Nice work. lets push it to new level.

bhai, you enjoyed a lot. The kangaroo you bought for your princess is too nice. I hope she liked it and gave you a nice hug.

She is very happy with that.

I think, obviously it was a very good trip for you and have more fun. Food and culture both are nearly same to us in India. That's why, I think your trip was more colorful. anyway best wishes for your princess...

thanks for the wishes. Yes cultural similarities are there, but our digital economy is far behind India. We are progressing too, at a lower speed due to lack of human resource.

right assumption boss.....most welcome,,,,,,,,,

Was not your favorite coffee?
This Question For You, Because i know your most favorite item is coffee.

I had the coffee in starbucks delhi, But due to some reasons i did not enjoy it. Starbucks is my favourite coffee but Delhi Starbucks was out of my taste bud. The Cafe Coffee i enjoyed much. Will write a full review on coffee experience from different cities.

Wow.!!! Looks like an enjoyable journey. I tested this ice cream but very unfortunate not to visit Karim's kitchen😞 we were short of time to visit there. Next time definitely I will visit there.👍

Karim's kitchen is a must visit. Good luck

Obviously.. Next time, there will be mission karim's kitchen 😁😀

Amazing. So nice to see the network via steemit blockchain and how we are connecting each other. I went in Tripura only in 2015 and it was like 1 day trip for a conference and I had not much fun as I was with my teachers. Looks much fun you have mae with your friend.

thanks for stopping by.

Mouths watering food description! Have wish to go there.
So, you got your e- residency kit! Congratulations.

yes these are mouth watering . I have the kit now. Thanks again

Most welcome!

The sky seems from some different planet 🌈...btw what you learned from this trip?

Life has lot of colours.

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