The Trans Resort Bali

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Hi steemians

We continued to the next hotel. This is the Trans resort at Seminya beach. Not direct access to the beach although near. The best thing about the hotel is the swimming pool


Not huge in size but there are activities and music organized by the hotel like volleyball or dancing


Upon arrival we received welcome drink at the lobby


The bedroom


Tv and minibar table




Outdoor bathtub


Outdoor sofa


Comfortable hotel to stay at with a fun swimming pool for kids. Not as luxurious as the previous one but this one has good location near the popular seminyak beach and lots of restaurants

Thank you for viewing

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Thats very interesting I never seen anything like that looks like water bean bags lol

Thank you bitcoinman, yes it feel like beanbag but can float on the water

Oh thats very cool always wanted a bean bag this is the next level lol

@djohan, After looking and reading photos and details, Trans resort at Seminya beach very comfortable place to kids and adults. Best place for swimming. Nice shots indeed.

thank you madushanka, yes perfect time to visit Bali, not too hot , perfect for swim

Wow that's a high rich experience and this seems a great hotel to stay a night! Another great experience you shared today!


thank you theguruasia, yes another nice hotel of Bali

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Very nice and colourful hotel.
Hotel hopping is your new hobby!

thank you kaminchan, yes when visiting a place i have been to a few times, usually i just enjoy the hotel and food as already visited all the tourist attractions

Oh! You are so lucky! You have done a lot of traveling in the old days! Are you coming to Bangkok for the Fest?!

Hi @djohan ,as my son Dim753 says, what elegance, I like everything you show us in your excellent photographs.
Blessings :)

thank you martha75, the hotels in Bali always amaze me, and i enjoy trying different ones

Wow really look hotels and nice travel experience . so very beautiful photography
Thanks @djohan
Have a nice day

thank you goldcoin

Nice place to stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bali. What is the cost of one night stay?
Thanks for sharing pics @djohan

thank you kamchore, this one is not as expensive as the other one, just under 200 USD per night including breakfast for 2 adults

200 USD is a huge amount for people of third world country.Thanks for the info @djohan

So beautiful place perfect to drink something cold or eating an ice cream while you enjoy in pool. Regards

thank you dim753, yes the pool is nice and relaxing place, weather is nice and warm too

another nice one!

thank you doitvoluntarily

Nice place . Kids are really enjoying . Enjoy your visit .

thank you pardeepkumar, yes they had fun

a fun place to be in at the moment to enjoy nice :D

thank you blazing, yes very nice place to relax and swim