Ferrari World and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

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Hi Steemians

This is the Ferrari World which is connected to Yas Mall. So we visited both on the same day. It is one of the place the Shuttle bus stops at.


The entrance


The place was quite busy with tourists


There is a Ferrari shop at the front. And this is the famous world fastest roller coaster


This is Yas Mall


We ate at this food court on the second floor. Not too many choices and not many customers either


Food wasn't too bad, just not many to choose from


There are also restaurants on the 1st floor. We tried this Asian food, PF Chang's


Better but also more expensive


There is also a carrefour supermarket and healthcare center at the Mall, also cafes and shops.

Thank you for viewing

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Faster roller coaster sounds like lots of fun

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thank you bitcoinman, it was too hot though as it is outdoor, we played the indoor one in WB world

Sports car goes with good food!!
Get one Ferrari! A small model!! LoL

thank you kaminchan, i have 2, lol. There are nice Ferrari clothing and caps inside, but not allowed to photo i think

good trip experience for Abu Dhabi country. its wonderful place and gret photography.
Thanks @djohan
Have a nice day

thank you goldcoin, have a nice day

Hi @djohan , Excellent photographs, French fries look delicious, well the rest also looks very well prepared and appetizing.
Blessings for you and your family.

thank you martha75, it was fun to try all the food and then walk around to exercise

A dream place for car lovers to visit. I heard that they are offering Ferrari test drive but it will be very costly. Thanks for sharing pics @djohan

thank you kamchore, yes i think need to pay for the test drive. Yes very fun for car lovers

The car and delicious foods, unforgettable experience!


thank you theguruasia

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thank you trendotoken

Ferrari World have seen videos about that and its epic really must be an amazing time exploring and having fun there thanks for sharing this !

thank you blazing, yes after seeing the videos i was curious to see it for myself