Small Town in the South Australian Outback ... Parachilna

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If you have ever been to Australia and traveled to the outback you know how isolated small towns are. You need to drive for at least an hour to get to the closest neighbor. My family enjoys in those trips where you are in the middle of the nowhere, far away from stress and buzzing of the big cities, in places where you somehow don’t feel alone and deserted.

A few weeks ago on our way to Flinders Ranges, we visited one of those little outback gems, tiny town Parachilna. Town got its name from Aboriginal word patajilnda (place of peppermint gum trees) but it was changed by first settlers because of misspelling, so the name stuck.


Funny thing is that we chose to travel to Parachilna while we were deciding which way to go to get to Flinders Ranges, even we didn’t know what we will find when we get there. The name was interesting so why not.... we drove for 490 km to unknown. I am gypsy at heart, even we didn’t find room to sleep in, the car is always a backup option 😉, but we were lucky I guess. Arrived there before sunset and rented an old wooden cottage for the night.




Even you don’t have too many things to see in Parachilna place itself has a long and rich history. Founded in 1863 because of the close proximity of government wells and copper mines. It was a social hub for surrounding towns until 1980 when old Ghan was rerouted and the place became just a small spot on tourist way to Flinders...anyway there are still some historical reminders and few iron sculptures to reminds us on that time.




Center of this small town and the favorite spot for passing travelers is hotel named “The Prairie”. What is hotel famous for? Feral meals!


Current owners of the hotel try their best to welcome you, when you enter the building, the place is decorated with Aboriginal art and you can even buy few souvenirs.




You can easily walk across whole Parachilna in just a few minutes, but the town is tranquil and inviting so you really don’t feel out of place.





There is one more thing that Parachilna is famous for, those are few iron sculptures. When we first arrived there, many tourists were taking photos of famous iron cowboy erected on the foundation of an old train station.




And of course the camera and train sculptures which I posted yesterday...


After spending some time outside under the clear sky and millions of stars, it was time for sleep...
In the morning we continued our trip to Flinders Ranges.



If the road ever gets us close to this little gem I would be more than happy to spend some time in it again!


Really its true line
(The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.)
Keep enjoy dear your life.

I have never made it to the outback, but this post and the awesome shots make me want to, what a fantastic post


Thank you kindly dear! Yes you can drive for hours without seeing a living soul and then you get to little gems like this!

I have heard that and it must be an incredible experience, not sure I will ever make it back down under, but never say never

I am a fan of such remote places and towns, and I would absolutely love to drive 500 km in the wilderness. The only thing I am not sure about is eating feral meat :) Beautiful photos, Di!

Hahahaha...Actually kangaroo and camels meat is delicios!

I'm sure it is, but I'm not a meat guy. Not that I'm vegetarian - I just rarely eat meat :)

This place looks amazing. I've always enjoyed more the buzzing of the big cities and rarely take on adventures to the outback. But when I do, I experience the pure pleasure of this wilderness and desolation. I cannot agree more that in the middle of the nowhere, I feel utter freedom, lack of stress and pure serenity. Desolate places give me a feeling of clarity, emptiness in a good sense that helps me to free my mind of any thoughts and to enjoy the vastness.
All the captured moments are superb but the shots of the famous iron cowboy are my favorite!

Thank you dear! I am the city girl as well, and isolated places do purify soul, but when I arrived in Australia I realised what secluded place really means. It is you and hundereds of kilometres of uninhabited wilderness, really unique...

Those sunset shots are gorgeous.

Thank you dear!

Great report, @dijana969. I wonder, where do they get camels?

Thank you! Australia is full of them, I didn’t know that when I first got here.

You have just busted probably the best kept Aussie secret… I have never seen photo of a single camel Down Under :)

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