Beaches of Egypt.

in travel •  2 years ago

The beaches of Hurghada during the velvet season are simply beautiful. It's not so hot. The sand is not very hot. But the surrounding nature is still as bright as summer. Unlike European countries in Egypt, tourists spend most of their time on the territory of hotels. But this defect is compensated by the development of services and the courteousness of the staff (often for money , Albeit small) Most of the equipped beaches in the property of hotels and surrounded by a wall. Also there is a fence in the form of reticulated fences and from the sea, to protect against accidental sharks. In addition to sharks, you can run into some kind of poisonous surprise, although rarely. For hotels it's business and they do a lot for the safety of vacationers. Compensation for some inconvenience is one of the brightest landscapes among other resort countries.

Have a nice day on the beaches of Egypt.

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