Winter in Vermont, US ❄️❄️🌲💙

in #travel4 years ago

We went to Vermont for our son winter's break last winter. It was great to enjoy the beautiful snow and mountain views. I'm happy to share the pictures from our trip 😍.


Beautiful morning after a snowstorm


There's nothing like walking in the woods during a snowstorm 💓💗


My son taking his first skiing lesson 😍.
Pictures below were taken as we were driving around enjoying the views.










Thanks for your time, my friends 🙂.
Have a great day!


Nice shots, looks cold,,,,burr.

Hahaha. Thanks Glenn! It was really cold 😁

We spent several week-long holidays in Vermont but in the autumn when the leaves were turning, and when my wife was into antiques.

That's beautiful! I love that you've been together for 40 years. We've been 8 years and I thought it's amazing already. Haha. Maybe we'll go back to Vermont this winter.

cool frames!
upvoted and followed u)

I miss the mountains.. Vermont is on my list! Again, beautiful images. Thank you for sharing :)

Aww! So happy you enjoyed them Cyn 😍. Winter is coming 😉.I guess you are good at skiing?

Wow very beautiful! I like the grey picture :)

It's awesome you like them @futurethinker😃. Thanks my friend 😍

Great shots! I had always heard Vermont was pretty! Followed :)

Thanks so much 😊. I really don't like to call you "old guy" so I will go back to your blog and find out your name 😄. I followed you first 😉

Haha, Im Paul and nice to meet you :)

Thanks for helping me out Paul 😊. Nice to meet you too. You can call me dewdrop 😉

Looks like an awesome trip, snow is not something we see too often here in Arizona.

Thanks for your comment and upvote @azfix 😊. The little boy had the most fun on the trip. Winter is fun until New Year day and after that is just cold 😊. However, I'd love to see the Milky Way from Arizona and Grand Canyon is on my list 😉. Antelope Canyon is awesome too 😄.

Good 📷
Very beautiful 😍

Thanks so much Subki 😊

Thanks Mounnirzaza 😊! I respect that you put a lot of works on your page and the perfection of it. I always feel you deserve a lot more recognitions and am waiting for that day to come 😊

Great post, looks like where I live in wintertime :)

Thanks! Yeah, we have mountains here too 😉

Very nice and peaceful! i also desire to go to vermont. Thanks for sharing.
please upvote and follow me

Thanks @rsrb 😊

Awww 😍😍😍

Beautiful post indeed. Amazing pics. Upvoted and following u as always. Kindly review my recent post on Meditation techniques and provide your feedback if possible.

Thanks @naizartengra! I voted for you too 😊

Cám ơn em nhé 😉

Great shots @dewdrop ...I always enjoy your photoblogs!

Thanks 😊! You're really nice @unknown-one 😍

Kilt em @dewdrop photos are looking pristine

Aww. Thanks Mike! I wanna go camping like you some day 😉

Looks like a fun tip, I haven't seen snow in years!

Yeah! It was fun and cold. When it's super cold up here, I'll be jealous of you going fishing in your shorts 😄.

haha...I definitely don't miss the cold, just the snow!

I know. Hahaha

Lovely!!!! I love snow. Congratulations @dewdrop.

Thanks for enjoying them @ginga 😍

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