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Today I like to show you an old city at the river Rhine where we hang out this weekend.


A cool mix of history and relaxation in one place.
As we travel this place some more often, we decided to have this time a bit more relaxing and not so many old stones.


The city on the map of Germany.

Source by wikipedia

The lake


The city history

Xanten is known for the huge and well prepared Archaeological Park. This is one of the largest archaeological open air museums in the world, built at the site of the Roman settlements Colonia Ulpia Traiana.

Other attractions include the medieval town centre with Xanten Cathedral, many museums and large man-made lakes for various watersport activities.


Xanten is visited by approximately one million tourists a year.

Source by wikipedia


There is a nice waterparc at the lake.


Enjoy the people jumping around aft the water ski parc.


History all around

Even at the lake you see some leftovers from the romans.


Evening activities

We travel with a bigger group and what is better as celebrating a huge BBQ.


But don‘t forget the beer 🍻



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Love the GIFS!! I need me some beer in Xanten :)


Yes.... working on the next Radler.

Need refreshing and low alc.


Looks awesome and i'm jealous....lol. Keep posting these great travel post my man!