Why Did All Your Friends Move to California?

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Ok, so not ALL of your friends moved to California, but many of us have at least a few friends who have at one point or another.


As a Midwestern gal for the majority of my life, I loved the Midwest, but found myself enchanted by tales of California life.


After all, you can't help but sing along to the classic Mamas & the Papas song, "California Dreamin.'" Come February in Chicago, I was in complete agreement with the lyrics:

"All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A."


And then there were TV shows with titles like "Beverly Hills 90210." As a teen, the female characters on there kind of terrified me. They were so ruthless, I wasn't sure if California would eat me alive or not, but it sure was interesting to watch! "The Beverly Hillbillies" sure knew how to make me laugh. I figured if they could make it (if just barely) in California, I certainly could. And in my mind, I can still hear the voice at the end of my favorite shows saying things like, "Filmed before a live studio audience in Burbank, California."

However, I never really had a huge intention to move to California. But, life has a way of surprising you, and after many decades in the Chicago area, here I am... a Cali girl! It's a little late in life to put on a bikini and sing along to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" but Cali life is still fun at any age!

20180721_182404 (1).jpg

I live in Pasadena, which is in the San Gabriel Valley. It's not "The Valley" (That's San Fernando Valley, which isn't far away) but it is a valley with everything within reach!

20181226_095346 (1).jpg

If you want snow and mountains... pack up the ski's and take a short car ride and you're there!

If you want ocean, beach, sand... put on that swim suit and take a short car ride and you're there!



If you want city glitz, urban eats and skyscrapers (yes, they build them in California, even with our earthquakes)... install the Waze app on your phone, take a short car ride and you're there!


If you want desert landscape, dry heat and prickly cacti... grab a bottle of water, take a short car ride and you're there!



If you want Art, Creative Innovation and Tech... grab your laptop, camera, or paint brushes, take a short car ride to The Getty, The BROAD, Blockchain Beach in Santa Monica or follow my Rare Digital Artist husband anywhere and you're there!

20180928_164241 (1).jpg

When I arrived in SoCal and was looking for a place to live, I couldn't help but hearing my Mother's voice from many years ago singing along to her Neil Diamond record. She could belt out "I am, I said" like a real pro.

"L.A.'s fine, the sun shines most the time
And the feeling is "lay back"
Palm trees grow and rents are low
But you know I keep thinkin' about
Making my way back"


Neil was correct in that the feeling is still "lay back." And yes, the palm trees still grow and you will fall in love with them. But, sad to say, rents (and home prices) are NOT still low like when Neil originally sang his tune. Depending where you are moving from, you may want to prepare to be shocked. If you're coming from San Francisco or Hong Kong you may be pleasantly surprised. If you're coming from the Midwest or just about anywhere else you may want to cry.

This is the actual house from the TV show "Fantasy Island." It's not on an island. It's a few miles from Pasadena!

And you may need professional help. Yes, I said it. If getting professional help aids you in overcoming the shock, then by all means, go for it. But what I actually mean by "professional help" is an awesome, hard-working, knowledgeable Realtor!!! If you're moving to the San Gabriel Valley where I live, check out The Berns Team. They "create the magic" for their clients and closed over $80 million in 2017!


Once you've come, you probably won't want to leave. Sure, the freeways and traffic will make you want to pull your hair out slowly some days. But then one day you'll be at the grocery store and a celebrity will be in front of you in line and let you take your picture with them. Then it will be February and you'll realize you're skin is tanned and you haven't shoveled snow since you can remember. Or your old friends who are now jealous will stop "liking" your Facebook photos of your backyard, because it's just your backyard... not a tropical resort, even though it looks like one. And you'll get over it alarmingly quickly! Why such a quick recovery? Because the sun is shining! And it's a perfect day outside! Again!


So... I'm sure that's not why all your friends moved to California. But it may be a few of the reasons that some of them heard the call to travel Westward. If you like where you are, enjoy it to the fullest! Life can be grand wherever you are, and each region has it's own charm and benefits! However, if you are looking for a new adventure among the palm trees, go ahead and consider Southern California. It's an easy place to get used to and call home.





My wife and I both grew up in California. We've lived quite a few other places, but always found ourselves drawn back here. Now, with retirement on the horizon, the 13.3% income tax (highest in the U.S.), gas prices, sales tax, property tax, talk of taxing water and text messages...well, let's just say we'll miss California.

Yes, there are a few costs for the beauty of it all ;)

Very convincing, I was once at SFO and had that Cali feeling come over me. It's definitely ingrained in popculture that California is an amazing place to visit. Would love to check out Yosemite.

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Thanks so much! Haha! "That Cali feeling!" I know it well now 😉

I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on Cali.

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