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Well today I want to tell you about a place a place that I would like you to visit it is a beautiful place that is located in the center of Colombia on the Andes mountain range is a small town that has a very large dam and that have very beautiful landscapes Beautiful its sports activities in the water and its restaurant are the delights of the place besides being able to fish and to sail with all the tranquility that you can have the security in the place is very big and it feels counted on police highly prepared to give the security in addition Of the navy and national navy worse that is another theme what I want to tell you is that I recommend you site in Colombia since apart from its beautiful landscapes also has some very cozy and very country hotels with all the comfort that we look for in the Rest of the daily routine work its activities are very diverse from boating to motonautics competitions paragliding hiking mountaineering cic Lismo ecotourism and gastronomy of the place remember the name is prado Tolima Colombia if you want more information can leave the comments and I would like to give you more information about this place I was there and I recommend you many thanks for reading me that is good and a warm hug to everybody
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