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CHILE #6 – The city of street art

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Beautiful city! It looks so clean and empty.. I thought that Latin America was a bit different :)

These murals are so cool! I like when there is meaning behind - be it social, political or that related to education. There are murals and murals.. some of them are simply not nice but it looks like in this city most of them are cool..

I agree with you in terms of going on a tour with a guide. I did it in Lisbon and it was such a great experience. You learn a lot about the street art and many things that are said there can't really be googled anywhere plus it's good to listen to somebody to put things into perspective.

Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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It is awsome! Never seen anything like it Do not know if a city like this exists somewhere else. I can really recommend it. I am sure I took more than a hundred photoes. A city to get lost in and make som disoveries.