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RE: A New Adventure Ahead

in #travel3 years ago

Wow, congratulations on making the leap to the big city area. I think it's a great idea to live in Connecticut like you are. You can have the slower, NW lifestyle when you want, and then way-busy NYC life when you want. As I mentioned during our meetup, when I was in NY, I felt all that frentic, very creative energy, and see why as a true artist, you would want to be involved/immersed in it. So much opportunity and possibility. The sky is the limit.

And being with family will be the best. I miss being around my family a lot, as they are spread all around, and many are gone. That is a great thing about the move, to be with all of them.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your ultra-cool new house too.


Thanks @ddschetinn :-)), all you say here is true .... and I'll be back to portland for frequent visits (I hope once a year to do some kind of project or adventure that will bring me back to pdx) and hopefully we do some meet-ups during these. I can't quite leave this wonderful NW after 27 years!