Viewpoint at Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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Viewpoint at Phi Phi Island, Thailand

While we were at Phi Phi Island we knew we had to visit the viewpoint. It was a must! We were so busy the couple days we were there. We didn’t get the chance to go until the last day right before we had to catch our ferry at 11am.
Little did we know the challenge to get up there. We are foodies! aka not in shape lol we started the “walk” up. First came the really steep stairs, you literally had to push yourself up to the next step. Then came the long walk up hill, followed by more stairs that were never-ending. We had to stop a couple times because we were so out of breath. And many times I also felt like giving up but I knew it would be worth it!
We finally made it!!! The views were soooo incredible! I just wanted to stay there all day. It was perfect since there were not too many people as it tends to get crowded. We took some great shots and back down we went to catch our ferry.

If you are in Phi Phi Island make sure to visit the viewpoint! Definitely worth it!



What an awesome view!! The ocean and the mountains and all the palm trees, it's all really incredible. I bet it was totally worth the climb up.

Yes, it was truly amazing and totally worth it!

What a nice place that is. I still remember drinking coconut in the morning and watching tiny crabs running all around :)

It really is! Glad it made you remember nice moments.