Living the dream in the United States of America part 1

in travel •  last year 

A couple of years ago I've been to America to work at a summercamp.
After the 8 best weeks of my life (uptill then), I traveled for a few weeks threw the States.
I would like to share a couple of my best memories.

DSC_0594 (2).JPG
Wahcona falls Pittsfield, MA

DSC_0044 (2).JPG
Dininghall Summercamp with a great view at the stars

Fenway Park Boston, MA

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Been to Boston but wasnt able to see Fenway Park! Wish I was able to see this with my own eyes! Dang its really nice baseball field!


Yeah John, it was lovely. Wanted to visit a NBA game too, but it was of season. So I do have to return atleast once ;)