A Visit To His Majesty....Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV,King of Tooro Kingdom....Uganda East Africa.

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This adventurous visit come to be when me and my other colleagues at Uganda Christian University in Mukono District Uganda East Africa were contemplating where to visit for our International Student Association trip in late February this year as from 25th,26th and 27th.

At first we had our general meeting first inorder to discuss how the trip would be and how much money will it require,so after we as a group of individuals from different represented countries across Africa within the International Student Association ISA agree on the amount and the mode of transport from Mukono district to Port Fortal town in Rugunjira district in Western Region of Uganda.

So now the only thing remaining was to fix the date and when finally the day reached we had to board our bus and travel to the beautiful upcountry side of Rugunjira district which is the home of Port Fortal town the home of this great young king .

When we finally arrived at Port Fortal it was already at night so we had to book our hotel and lie down our tied bodies to rest and wait untill the next day since we had traveled during the night.When morning come we all woke up feeling gigantic happy and full of joy because we knew the day to meet with the youngest king in the world had finally arrived.

We all hurriedly prepared and took our breakfast,afterwards we boarded our bus and drove towards the palace but now our bus could not climb the mountain on our way to the palace,so the driver decided to stop so that we could take a walk towards the palace through the hilly way as seen on those photos.

DSC_0343 (2) - Copy.JPG

As they said the more brave ones should are likely to lead the way and the rest should follow and that happened to be me, i could not hesitate to lead the way to the palace along side my dear fellow Kenyan friend since we were the Kenyan representatives on this trip,and the rest also followed after us.

DSC_0324 (2) - Copy.JPG

Everyone was looking enchanting and joycious as we climb the hill up the palace main gate and the rest of the parade continued to march towards the gate.

DSC_0330 - Copy.JPG

And the ferrytail walk towards the main gate continues through the hilly tarmac way.

DSC_0331 (2) - Copy.JPG

The joycious mode kept us on our toes chatting and laughing while walking towards the palace.

DSC_0333 - Copy.JPG

And the joy that comes in the morning kept us happy while making us to forget whether we even exited on planet earth.

DSC_0335 (2) - Copy.JPG

This ferrytail keep on moving since it was a moment of fun going up the hill towards the main gate full of enchanting laughter and jokes.

DSC_0338 - Copy.JPG

Everybody seem to be full of energy and anticipation of desire that seem to be coming from within of which is peculiar to tell.

DSC_0341 (2) - Copy.JPG

And up we go! lets keep on moving to the palace untill we are there guys.

DSC_0348 (2) - Copy.JPG

As per now everybody was still walking towards the main gate majestically.


It appeared as if the weather was a little bit unfair to those ladies but anyway they did not mind at all instead they maintained their majestic pace towards our destination of the day.

DSC_0356 (2) - Copy.JPG

Those two Nigerian lovers were the last to close this beautiful ferrytail of climbing the hilly tarmac way towards the palace main gate indeed love can make two young people to stick together untill death,behind them you can see the two men behind the wheel of our school bus also making a majestic move towards the great palace after parking the bus in a safe place and leaving it in a good condition.

As per now i do beg to stop here but join me tomorrow as i bring you # part two of this undying adventure of this epic story of what transpired next after us reaching the main gate of this great palace.

All the photos are mine taken by my own digital camera.

Your boy @davidkaruah

Stay safe until next time

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