DTube - Caving & Kayaking in Halong Bay

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Halong Bay! One of the things on my bucket list to see and I got to cross it off. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam because of the towering limestone karsts that dot the bay that are full of hidden caves, secret beaches, and a thriving ecosystem.

(Click photo above to view video)

I booked an overnight boat tour from my hostel in Hanoi. There are half-day tours and 3-day tours available as well depending on how much time you have and how much you want to see. My overnight tour cost around 90 USD.

I got picked up from my hostel bright and early in the morning and transported 4 hours to Halong Bay. Once we got on our cruise boat, we were met with hospitable service and lunch right as we started our journey to the bay.

Cruise boats in Halong Bay

Our first stop was Sung Sot Cave, a very popular attraction in Halong Bay because of its size and the viewpoint you get at the end of it. Sung Sot means Surprise Cave. It was well lit with bright colors that gave it an artsy effect.

Sung Sot Cave

Just outside of the inlet that holds the cave is a spot to rent kayaks from. It was included in our cruise so we just had to grab a paddle and a partner and we were off. It was pretty awesome to paddle up to the foot of these giant mountains that stick straight up out of the water.

We got to kayak for about 30 minutes before it started turning dark and we had to return to the boat for dinner. I tried my hand at squid fishing after our meal since they offered but I had no luck. Typical when I fish.


Tomorrow, I will upload day 2 of our 2-day cruise in Halong Bay. Stay tuned for that.

Have you ever been to Halong Bay? What did you see there?

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Hey, thanks. I'm in DTube for the long run and I'd love to help it get bigger and better than any others.

Yes, nice video man! Almost got a shot of the crotch there in the kayak!!!!

Sometimes traveling solo is for sure a share the room situation, which can sometimes be very rewarding, if I may say so.

Good job on the video @daveonarrival gonna follow you too

Oh, you know what showing a little skin can do to appeal to the masses. Haha.
Thank you for the follow.

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Humbled. Thank you.

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I'm about to do this, eeeek so exciting!! I got the feels just looking at your thumbnail image lol

I hope it gives you all the feels. haha

We loved Kayaking there too - the cruise was great but I would love to go back there and do a more individual tour of Ha long Bay!!!

That would be very cool. I'm sure there are ways to do that.

For sure ... the problem is that all these huge tour companies don't want you to know about other options. Next time we go to the harbor in Ha Long ... and organize a boat on our own!!! Some people approached us after our cruise when we walked around the city. We loved that city and that market. It was incredible!

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Hi @daveonarrival. Thank you for taking us in your tour at Halong Bay. It’s awesome especially the colourful cave. You made me crave for seafoods seeing a bit of your meal. Enjoy your trip!

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

fun to watch ;)

Well, thank you

I really the music in your video.... which is it ? Well done!!

Thanks. Music is important to me in videos.
Clouds by Ehrling, Wheel of Karma by Audionautix

I would be damn scared to try this sport as water is my biggest fear but I'm always enjoying seeing others posts :)

I hope you one day conquer your fear. Most of the world is water, after all.

Indeed, that's right.. :)

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